Nigeria: Terrorists behead parliamentarians and leave severed heads in parks.

Unidentified terrorist attack in Anambra state in southern Nigeria beheading In recent days, a local lawmaker kidnapped him and another man while driving in the Aguata district of a state in Nigeria. guardian The newspaper reported Monday.

Okechuku Okoye, who represented the Aguata II constituency in the Anambra provincial legislature, went missing on 15 May along with his assistant Cyril Chiegboca. Anambra police later found a vehicle driven by the two men abandoned on a local roadside and dispatched troops to find the apparently kidnapped man. During the chase, police discovered Okoye’s severed head on May 21st at Chisco Park in the Southern Provincial Government District of Nnewi, Anambra State.

“The senator was murdered. His head was found along Nnobi Road. No suspects have been detained yet,” said Anambra State Police Spokesperson Tochukwu Ikenga. said Correspondents of Okoye May 21st.

Nigeria’s Niche online newspaper said it had reviewed the video footage. cycle online over the weekend to show Okoye’s “Freshly beheaded head … in a roadside cardboard box with a handwritten note next to it.”

Niche alleges that there are unconfirmed “signs” that Chiegboka may have been killed by kidnappers who could not identify him and Okoye on May 21st.

Anambra State Gov. Chukwuma Solud posted a $24,000 bounty on May 21st for information that would help arrest the killer in Okoye.

A spokesperson for Governor Solud issued a statement on his behalf on Saturday, and Solud said, “I suspected that Okoye’s hijacker was ‘probably’. [members of] The same criminal gang that attacked him [Solud] And two years ago I killed three cops wandering around in Isuopia again.’”

Isufoia is located about 4 miles northwest of Aguata in the state of Anambra. On April 30, unidentified gunslingers in Anambra and neighboring Imo states killed and beheaded two Nigerian soldiers.

“The victim, AM Linus, is a Nigerian army sergeant and his wife, known as an army officer, was reportedly shot and beheaded by militants,” the Nigerian spokesperson said. premium times report May 2nd.

“Their bodies are said to have been mutilated by gunslingers. The gory images of their heads went viral on various social media platforms,” the newspaper reported.

Nigerian military spokesman Onyema Nwachukwu said the military couple traveled to perform “traditional marriage procedures” when they were kidnapped and brutally murdered. premium times May 2nd.

The newspaper reported at the time that southeastern Nigeria had recently witnessed an increase in attacks by unidentified “gunmen” targeting government and security facilities.

“The Nigerian government has accused the illegal Indigenous Peoples of Biafra (IPOB) responsible for the deadly attacks in the southeast region. However, the group has repeatedly denied that it was involved in the attack.” premium times observe.

Nigerian Federal Government appointed The 2017 IPOB terrorist organization. Separatist groups demand independence from “Biafra”, the name of a region in southeastern Nigeria. A million people died in the civil war between the Biafra separatists and Abuja from 1967 to 1970.

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