Nightly Mint: Daily NFT Summary

Coinbase’s NFT market has been overwhelmed by all intents and purposes, and this major coffee monster continues to bring chit-chat about NFT engagement. Will either be available in the long run?

Only time will tell, but in the meantime, take your daily dose Nightly Mint A summary of Thursday’s NFT activity.

Nightly Mint

Latest Mint: Coinbase NFT Marketplace Struggle

According to Dune data, Coinbase’s NFT market launch was very disappointing. The marketplace had fewer than 2,000 users at the time of publication, and beta releases, which had limited access to only a few users, were also widely regarded by the community (after long hype) as particularly disappointing.

Expectations are high in today’s market, and the need for top players to deliver at a premium level is where the standard is basically set. To date, few marketplaces have launched products that have shown the potential to truly compete with some of the dedicated marketplace products that have dominated early markets.

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Coinbase has high expectations and thus far, has a lot left to deliver. | Source: NASDAQ: COIN on

Starbucks Loyalty Program

We’ve been talking about Starbucks’ intentions to explore NFT in recent weeks, and now we’re hearing more about the coffee giant trying to overcome other challenges across the business.

With a first launch later this year, Starbucks is said to be aiming to integrate Starbucks into a massive loyalty program that boasts more than 20 million active members.

‘Minty Fresh’ Take

Can NFTs serve as the ultimate entry point for newcomers?

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Nightly Mint: Daily NFT Summary
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