Nightly Mint: Daily NFT Summary

A brief break from the Nightly Mint NFT recap, but nothing to worry about. I got on the wagon again. There’s been a lot of fuss over the past few weeks during our quick break (yes, I’m watching You Goblintown and You, Ladies), but unfortunately I’ll skip some of them and stick with the program. The most recent in a bite-sized report.

As we begin the closing week of May, let’s take a look at Monday’s NFT activity.

Nightly Mint

Latest Issue: eBay NFT Unrolling

We’ve been hearing brief details about eBay’s interest in crypto and non-fungible tokens for quite some time, but so far little has come to fruition. The company’s initial release, in collaboration with OneOf, finally debuted – “Animation Interpretation Sports Illustrated The cover of the iconic athlete, starting with hockey legend Wayne Gretzky.

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Ethereum NFTs continue to be the undisputed leader, despite continually emerging challengers. | Source: ETH-USD on

Explore GameStop’s Ethereum NFT Wallet

Ethereum continues to be the NFT gold standard despite emerging chains like Solana gaining ground (provided by Okay Bears and others). Now we are seeing competitors coming out of the left wing and GameStop seeing their first Ethereum-based wallet today.

A beta version has been released and is open to the public as follows: official announcement at work.

‘Minty Fresh’ Take

Can the music NFT turn the corner? The industry’s lack of innovation in financial models seems to suggest this, but… Consumer adoption and integration will undoubtedly take time.

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Nightly Mint: Daily NFT Summary
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