Nikita Dragoon accused of stealing nail ideas from Scandal Beauty

Nikita Dragun again fell into the hot water. Social media users are accusing influencers of stealing product ideas.

An indie nail company called Scandal Beauty recently claimed that Dragun stole the product concept.

Here’s everything you need to know.

Nikita Dragoon charged with theft

Nikita Dragoon is embroiled in another controversy. Recently, Scandal Beauty went out to bring in artists who imitated her ideas.

The brand shared a video on social media sites to show the bizarre similarities between its product and what Dragun sells.

It also consists of a video comparing the two products side by side. The organization’s main motivation appears to be to show users that the nails promoted by Dragoon are inferior in quality to those sold by Scandal Beauty.

The indie brand outlined the video with the caption, ‘We had to bring Us VS Them back for this game lol’.

The video quickly garnered over 22,000 views and over 1.9 million likes from users.

Nikita Dragoon accused of stealing product ideas from Scandal Beauty

Nikita Dragun announces collaboration with Makartt. They teamed up to launch a new press-on nail.

Their campaign video snippet shows Dragun showing off her long claws.

However, one of the clip’s nails is very similar to Scandal Beauty’s nail set.

Scandal Beauty is $27 for 30 nails, while Makartt nails sell for $15 for a set of 24 nails.

Despite the low price, the indie brand has stated that Makartt’s nails are of poor quality compared to their nails.

Users react to Nikita Dragun stealing product ideas.

Social media users commented on Nikita Dragun’s recent controversy on Instagram.

In the comment section of the recent post about the Beauty Scandal, there were more than 90 comments left by followers.

One user said, ‘Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh more than you saw in the dollar.’

Another netizen commented, “I thought the nails in that promotional video weren’t for sale… your nails are on fire!! She cannot compete!’.

Another user said that influencers should support the trans community. It reads ‘It’s too shameful to do that to a trans-owned business like wtf that has come to support your community smh’.



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