Nine Israelis arrested for sending crash photos to passengers on a flight to Turkey

  • Passengers on a plane from Israel to Turkey were given graphic photos of the crash on their mobile phones.
  • 9 suspects arrested for causing panic by airdropping photos, reported by the Guardian.
  • The plane that was taking a taxi returned to the gate before take-off and was delayed for several hours.

Nine Israeli citizens were arrested at Tel Aviv’s Ben Guiron airport on Tuesday on charges of making terrorist threats after passengers on a plane bound for Turkey received photos of the plane crash on their cell phones just before takeoff.

The Israeli airport authorities said in a statement that “nine people are charged with broadcasting an aerial disaster video from the plane, causing panic and delaying flight departures by several hours.” “The threat of terrorism” The Guardian reported.

There were no casualties and flights resumed after security screening, but “one woman passed out and the other

panic attack

‘” the passenger told Israeli Channel 12. Reported by Jersalem Post.

in the photo Times of Israel reportedAsiana Airlines Flight 214 crash. In 2013, a passenger plane crashed during its final approach near Seoul, South Korea, killing three people.

The suspect may be charged with spreading false information. Jerusalem Post. The offense carries a maximum sentence of three years in prison.

Ben Gurion International Airport did not immediately respond to a request for comment from Insider.

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