Ninja streaming on and on what platforms? When he reveals a big update about his future

Popular streamer Tyler “Ninja” Blevins is not leaving Twitch after much discussion on the internet about leaving the platform. Too many streamers have switched from Twitch to YouTube games in the last few years. But we’ve also heard that Ninja is leaving Twitch. But I hope that doesn’t happen.

Read ahead to learn more about Ninja, who never leaves Twitch.

Ninja’s move to streaming platforms

Blevins was a popular streamer and content creator. He has a channel on Twitch as well as YouTube. He also streams on Facebook. Ninja is also active on TikTok and has many followers on the app.

But in 2019, he decided to go for a streaming platform mixer. Posts that disappeared from Twitch but returned to streaming in 2020. Where he streamed on Fortnite. His fans on Twitch were definitely pleased with his return.

Ninja wanted to join the creators of YouTube Gaming.

Ninja will post her moves on Mixer and Twitch and join the YouTube game creators. Well, that immediately made everyone think Ninja would be leaving Twitch again. However, on September 8, he announced that he did not have an exclusive contract.

So he will stream everywhere without leaving Twitch. Not to be missed, before this announcement, he disappeared from Twitter saying he needed a break. He added that he does not know at this time when he will be back or where he will be returning. This definitely made everyone think about whether or not Ninja will leave the platform.

Where is Ninja streaming now?

Well, after seeing all the facts and making one more plan for yourself. Ninja decided to continue working on streaming without leaving any particular platform. In fact, he said via his social media accounts that the next broadcast will be on September 9th at 12:00 CST.

So you can also catch him on Facebook, Instagram, Twitch, YouTube and Tiktok. He has already shared the timing and date of the next live stream scheduled for all fans. He is currently streaming everywhere.

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