No, the rumors explain that Jon Stewart will not run for president in 2024.

Politico’s opinion article tried to convince readers that John Stewart should run for president in 2024. A magazine is promoting comedian John Stewart, best known as the former host of The Daily Show, for the 2024 presidential nomination. It works well with the majority of social media users.

Will John Stewart be a presidential candidate in 2024?

Politico’s editorial, “If Tucker runs in 2024, here’s what Democrats need,” Politico’s editorial made waves online after proposing the notion that John Stewart would run for president in 2024. The article’s slogan was declared, “Most politicians on what modern politics is.” Ex-President Donald Trump, radio broadcaster Howard Stern, and rap icon Kanye West commenting on the 2024 presidential election, about already aiming for a seat of authority. gave a hint

According to Jon Stewart, he is a celebrity.

Politico’s opinion was intended to convince readers that John Stewart should run for president in 2024. Start with the question “seriousness”. Stewart defines himself as a celebrity by discussing the kind of importance. A serious problem that real politicians are good at avoiding. He spends his time producing AppleTV shows. and podcast interview programs on controversial topics, including abortion, gun control, misinformation, modern monetary theory, and other whimsical topics. Judd Apatow and Mark Cuban will occasionally visit for added glamor.

Tweet from John Stewart

So he was definitely engaged enough for the job, the article said. But a bigger reason is that he’s a better fit for modern politics than most politicians. However, John refused to do so, tweeting, “Ummm… Fox News character Tucker Carlson’s potential presidential run initially sparked the Jon Stewart conspiracy hypothesis. He then put an end to the rumors by stating that he was not interested in the presidential election. The station kindly allowed him to spend time with his family in Texas. She informed her Facebook audience. Today my father is discharged from the hospital and has to go home in hospice care. He requested that the nasal supply tube be removed yesterday.

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