Noah Schnapp reacts to Doja Cat over private DM leaked drama

Stranger Things actor Noah Schnapp responded after accusing the actor of leaking personal messages between the Doja Cats.

Here’s everything you need to know.

Noah Schnapp responds to Doja Cat calling him.

On July 13th, Noah Schnapp posted to his TikTok account a clip of himself playing a casual math game.

The 17-year-old boy hinted that everything was going well between him and Doja Cat as the rapper’s hit Kiss Me More played in the background of the clip.

The actor did not comment directly on Doja or the situation, but his captions hinted that the two had a good relationship.

Schnapp said, ‘Guys, everything is fine. She apologized and still follows her and loves her music. There are no hard feelings.’ He outlined a short video with the caption.

Meanwhile, the singer Need to Know has not yet responded to Schnap’s public apology.


beat my score

♬ Kiss me more – Audio <3

What happened between Noah Schnapp and Doja Cat?

On Thursday (July 7, 2022), Noah Schnapp shared a private text exchange with Doja Cat in a now deleted TikTok clip.

In their conversation, the singer asks Schnapp to share contact information for co-actor Joseph Quinn.

The cat said, ‘Noah, can you say hmu (beat me) to Joseph? No, does he have a girlfriend?’

Schnapp, on the other hand, responded, ‘LMAOO slides into his DM.’

However, the conversation seemed to be over when the actor took Say So crooner to Quinn’s Instagram profile.

Also a few days later, artist So High went live on July 7th to fix the issue.

The 26-year-old musician called the teenage actor “a child.”

She said, ‘I think… Noah is like a child, but I don’t even know how old he is, but he can’t be over.

Doja, whose real name is Amala Ratna Zandile Dlamini, said, ‘You make mistakes when you’re so young. We must know that we must not do that in the future.’

She went on to say, ‘But the fact that Noah did so as he posted a private conversation with me is incredibly socially unacknowledged and outrageous.’

Planet Her singer commented that Schnapp publicly shared the exchange, but she didn’t get him wrong.

She said, ‘I guess he would be aloof about it and he shared information that I found uncomfortable to share with him.’



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