Noella Bergener announced her departure from ‘RHOC’ via Instagram Stories.

RHOC supporters speculate that Noella Bergener’s departure from the Bravo program may have been influenced by Heather Dubrow.

Will Noella Bergener not appear on the show again?

Noela Bergener, the first black housewife in “The Real Housewives of Orange County”. In her Instagram story, she announced that she would not be returning for the next season of the show. She concluded that the new housewife may have been fired from the program and may not have left voluntarily, as fans continued to repost messages from disappointing fans accusing Bravo without giving specific reasons for Noella’s sudden departure. has been reached. She made her big mistake by firing her.

Noela Bergener

Why is Heather Dubrow being criticized?

This quickly turned into a Heather Dubrow slamming session, as some fans began accusing the “RHOC” actress responsible for Noella’s departure. Heather’s return and the introduction of Noella and Dr. Jen Armstrong’s new housewives were the highlights of “RHOC” Season 17. Heather and Noella clashed frequently during the season, and all other women sided with Heather. Although many viewers considered the plot lines of Noella’s divorce, her father’s death, and her son’s diagnosis of autism to be exaggerated, she was hailed as the only cast opposing Heather. Fans criticized Heather when Noella announced her departure because the OG “Real Housewives” series had no other cast “technically dead” to take on Heather.

Twitter fans reaction

One supporter tweeted: “So Bravo/Evolution fired one guy who wasn’t afraid of Heather! This is going where I think it is! #RHOC.” Jen will never forget. Noella deserves one more season to recover from her divorce. One fan commented, “She’s the only one who didn’t kiss Dubro’s ** #RHOC. Heather has truly returned as a cast member and casting director, another supporter said. This was a major setback for them, as Noella was their only entertainment. I can’t stand Gina’s surgical lip sticking to Heather’s** for another season. I simply can’t. #RHOC.” “Okay @BravoTV, that was a mistake. At best, Heather Dubrow is a supporting character and she’s the worst! #RHOC” a supporter.

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