NOFX to disband after officially confirmed 2023

Los Angeles punk band NOFX, known for their songs ‘Linoleum’ and ‘Don’t Call Me White’, will no longer be a group in 2023. On Wednesday, frontman Fat Mike inadvertently deleted the post from the comments section of the post. His Instagram page. A bewildered fan asked the vocal bassist why NOFX seldom performs in Canada. Fans did get a reply, but most likely it wasn’t what they expected. In fact, we love Canada. One year from now, it will be our last year. Fat Mike, frontman for the band NOFX, replied that his real name was Michael John Burkett.

The last performance will be revealed soon. It has been an amazing run. Its run began almost long ago in 1983 when Fat Mike, guitarist Eric Melvin, and drummer Erik Sandin were the band’s founding members. In 1991, Aaron El Hefe Abeyta joined the NOFX group as lead guitarist and trumpeter. Frontman Fat Mike commented on another Instagram post: “Los Angeles will be the last place we play. That’s where we started and where we end up.

NOFX has yet to announce an official announcement about their upcoming breakup, but Rolling Stone has confirmed the news. The band released their first recording titled ‘Thalidomide Child’ in 1984, and released their first self-proclaimed EP a year later. NOFX’s debut album ‘Liberal Animation’ appeared in 1988 and featured songs such as ‘Beer Bong’ and ‘Shut Up Existing’. It is known that the second album ‘S&M Airlines’ was released in 1989.

LA punk band NOFX to disband in 2023 after 40 years

NOFX is due to be disbanded a year from now, and frontman Fat Mike has reportedly revealed the information. Formed in 1983, the Los Angeles punk rock band released their 14th and latest record, ‘Single Album’, in February 2021. This summer saw the group’s titles celebrate Punk In Drublic events across Europe and North America. Played two more versions of Slam Dunk 2021 in Leeds and Hatfield last September.

Fat Mike wrote in reference to one of his new Instagram posts: [NOFX’s] last year. We will be reporting our last performances soon. It has been an amazing run. The reveal came after a follower asked Fat Mike for a good reason why the group barely came to Canada to watch a live show. After fans heard the news, another user asked if NOFX would be active in LA before breaking up. Fat Mike replied that Los Angeles would be the last place we played. That’s where we started, and that’s where we end.


The final year of NOFX likewise celebrates the group’s 40th anniversary. The ongoing Punk In Drublic celebration in collaboration with Fat Mike is expected to conclude on October 2nd at Asbury Park, New Jersey. ‘Single Album’ was initially set as a double record, but the COVID pandemic changed the arrangement of NOFX. Mike explained ahead of time that he was writing in a way he didn’t expect at the time he was writing the double album. I wrote a lot of different songs and put out some fun melodies, but it had to be captivating enough to keep me focused while making the double album. I wanted to make an ideal double album, but I couldn’t. So I just decided to make a single album and give it a title.

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