North Korea discovers first confirmed case of COVID-19, triggers ‘maximum emergency’

  • On the 19th (local time), North Korea announced its first case of infection with the novel coronavirus infection (COVID-19).
  • One variant of Omicron was found in the capital Pyongyang on Sunday, state media reported.
  • North Korea opened its borders in January for the first time since early 2020.

The North Korean government announced on the 11th that the first confirmed case of COVID-19 was confirmed in North Korea after announcing a total lockdown.

After the novel coronavirus began to spread across Asia in early 2020, North Korea closed its borders and promised a zero-COVID-19 policy. only that reopening border in January of this year.

So far, the country has claimed that no single case of COVID has reached its borders, but state media on Thursday said authorities had found one case of a variant of Omicron in the capital Pyongyang on Sunday. According to NK News.

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un held a meeting of the Politburo on the same day to discuss countermeasures against COVID-19, the media reported.

State-run Rodong Sinmun “Conversion of national quarantine project to the largest emergency quarantine system” report. It is unclear what the emergency system entails.

November 2021, the World Health Organization said North Korea has not yet started vaccination against COVID-19. As of February of this year, We are not yet accepting vaccine supplies. Provided by relief agencies.

Although no cases of COVID-19 were reported until Thursday, the pandemic has hit North Korea and border closures have triggered food shortages.

State media reported in October that the government has begun breeding black swans as a food source to tackle the hunger crisis.

Not to mention COVID-19, in June of last year Chairman Kim rebukes high-ranking public officials In a speech that made the country suffer “significant consequences” from the epidemic.

North Korea is vigilant to prevent cases of COVID-19, but it is unknown if this week’s case is actually North Korea’s first, given its long history of misinformation.

According to state-run media, Kim has issued a “highest alert” after lockdown of the entire Kaesong city in July 2020 and a suspected COVID-19 patient sneaking across the border from South Korea.

August, North Korea announces new hard labor punishment For those who met in groups of three or more.

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