Now it’s the Celtics’ turn to play.

On Monday, Boston had the upper hand from the start. The Celtics have limited Miami’s quality by throwing the ball faster, more aggressive in disrupting the pass lane, and better aligning the switch. They were more urgent to restart defense and spin in paint without allowing Heat to push for a quick break as they did on Saturday. Boston’s defense was so effective that Miami only shot two 3-pointers in the opening quarter, limiting their chances of making up for the deficit until it was too late. It was the very kind of energy Boston missed so much in the first half of Game 3. Miami’s starting pitchers have combined 18 points.

What made the game even weirder was that the Celtics didn’t play well aggressively. They scored 24 points in the fourth quarter and ended up losing 5 of 27 matches as they entered the third quarter, and the game was virtually over. They finished the game with 39.7% shooting on the field, which is a percentage that ends up losing most of the night, and not an overwhelming win. They also won despite a poor game from guard Jaylen Brown, who threw 5 of 20 on the field for 12 runs.

A team proud of their hustle culture, Miami allowed 10 offensive rebounds in the first half. Hit center Bam Adebayo, who finally broke 31 points in the third game, returned to provisional by throwing only two balls in the first half. He finished with 9 points. Mostly due to the presence of Celtics center Robert Williams III, who missed Game 3 due to knee pain. After being named to the All-Defensive Second Team last week, Williams has made life difficult on the Miami rim. He had 12 points and 9 rebounds in 19 minutes.

Williams said of the team’s sluggish start, “You don’t have to take a bite to respond.”

Perhaps this game could not have been avoided. The Celtics have not lost two games in a row throughout the postseason. In the semi-final against the Milwaukee Bucks, Boston responded to their disappointment with three strong performances. No player better exemplifies the Celtics’ fate this postseason than Jekyll and Hyde superstar Jayson Tatum.

There are nights when Tatum looks like one of the best players in the league. That night often stems from Boston’s defeat. Including Monday night’s 31 runs, Tatum averaged 32.6 points during the postseason after the Celtics lost. He made an aggressive basket attack entering the line 16 times, More than any other game in this playoff.

But when Tatum plays poorly, he looks more eccentric than most superstars. his shoulders droop He is content with the difficult stepback jumper, complains to the referee and does not return aggressively from defense. In Game 3 against the Bucks, Tatum only scored 10 points and shot 4 of 19 on the field. On Saturday night, Tatum had a similar performance, scoring 10 points from a three-point out of 14.

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