Office graduate David Koechner has been charged with another DUI, this time in Ohio.

Anchorman David Koechner has been charged with drunk driving.

According to The Sun, the 52-year-old actor was arrested for drunk driving and driving in southern Ohio on Saturday, June 4 at 2 am.

Here’s everything you need to know.

Anchorman David Cochner charged with drunk driving in Ohio

According to TMZ’s report, David Koechner steered the vehicle when the State Trooper asked it to stop. Police said the breath smelled like alcohol.

It was also reported that Koechner refused to test the drug.

Nevertheless, the actor received a ticket for violation. He is due to appear in court next month.

Koechner was away from home and was traveling.

He was in Ohio later that day because he was supposed to host an office quiz night at the Rhona Cultural Center in Ironton, Ohio.

Koechner was one of the cast members of the series. He acted as Todd Packer.

David Köhner
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David Koechner arrested in LA

This is not the first time David Kökner has been arrested for being drunk.

On New Year’s Eve, the comedian was charged with drunk driving and hit and run in Simi Valley, California.

According to police officials, Koechner pumped 0.13 BAC at the scene and 0.12 BAC back at the station before crashing the car.

Ventura County Police suggested that both cases would be referred to as misdemeanors.

Koechner’s estranged wife filed legal documents after being arrested in Los Angeles. She requested a temporary cessation of his visits with her five children. She also noted that ‘there are safeguards in place to ensure (Koechner’s) sobriety.’

According to TMZ, Koechner could be in jail for six months for each charge.

He may also be required to complete an alcohol education course.

The actor is being recognized for his role as Champ Kind in the Anchorman movie.

He appeared in less than 15 episodes in nine seasons of the American sitcom Office. But he quickly became one of my favorite characters on the show.

In 2013, Koechner stated in an interview with CBS that ‘After I did an episode or two of that show, it became the second thing everyone mentions when they mention me.’

He continued, ‘I think I only did 14 episodes, about 2 episodes a year for 7 years. That character is so memorable.’

Also, he is Waiting… and Talladega Nights.



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