Officials have determined that Robert Crimo III is an ‘obvious and present danger’ after past threats.

Highland Park shooter Robert Crimo III threatened to kill his entire family. He also admitted to using drugs in the past.

Here’s everything you need to know.

Robert Cremo III admits drug abuse

A recent report by Highland Park Police found that Robert Crimo III was ‘apparent and present danger’ after threatening to kill his family.

In an incident report that took place on September 5, 2019, police noted that Crimo, then 18, had a history of drug use and admitted that he suffered from depression.

However, Cremo insisted that he had no plans to injure himself or anyone.

An edited case report alleges that a family member was ‘afraid to go home because of the nature of this threat’. Crimo also adds, ‘I keep my knives in the bedroom.’

During a medical examination three years ago, police removed 16 knives, a 12-inch dagger and a 24-inch samurai sword from Cremo’s home.

However, the gun was retrieved four hours later by Cremo’s father. He claimed that ‘the knife collection is his’.

The document identified Crimo as ‘a person who, if granted access to a firearm or firearm ammunition, poses a substantial, imminent, substantive threat to himself or another person that is obvious, grave, or likely to: Acts dangerous to the public interest

Lake County Sheriff Sgt. Christopher Covelli previously confirmed that the July 4 massacre suspect had applied for a gun permit.

Covelli added that Crimo’s application was approved despite having hit law enforcement twice. It was also found that they were not mentioned in the background check.

On the other hand, as various reports have been released recently, a lot of questions are being raised. People are wondering if the suspect could have stopped the bloodshed if he had not been able to get his hands on the gun.

highland park shooting

Robert Crimo III opened fire from a rooftop on a street in Chicago, Illinois on July 4th.

This tragic event claimed seven victims and dozens of wounded.

A 21-year-old man was charged with seven counts of first-degree murder. He is due to appear in court on Wednesday.

Moreover, Lake County State Attorney Eric Rinehart said ‘more charges will apply.’

If Crimo is found guilty of the charges, he faces life in prison. He is also not granted the possibility of parole.



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