"old but new" – Reasons not to be missed by a savvy investor "Sancti Quests on the Frontline" (SQF) Airdrop Program.

In the second half of 2021, the explosive blockchain/NFT gaming (GameFi) created a very strong wave of investments, up to billions of dollars from large and small investors around the world.

Choosing the right project, price potential, and groundbreaking opportunity in the NFT gaming technology industry, especially blockchain, is not straightforward, making it impossible for investors to ignore SQF, and more specifically SQF’s Airdrop program.

“Old but New” “Sancti Quest on Frontline” (SQF) realizes the dream of great innovation and creativity in the NFT gaming platform

In some developed countries and especially developed countries, the entertainment industry is an important economic sector, a major source of income, sometimes providing jobs to more people than others, and more importantly a modern industry, always innovating through innovation. Benefit from the rapid development of technology that is innovating day by day.

The entertainment industry is expected to bring many changes to people’s lives. Industry 4.0 and 5.0 will create a completely different society, and the institutions and methods of social organization must change accordingly.

So, in the process of transforming blockchain technology into a wide range of applications in life, SQF brings entrepreneurship and provides entertainment and money-making value to investors in a professional team with extensive knowledge – the game “SQF (Sancti Quest on Frontline)” The team is made up of excellent individuals. We’ve been on development teams for many of the major games in Europe. In 2020, we see the beginning of a new era for the gaming industry. At that time, several games that applied blockchain technology were created. People called these games game blockchain (game + blockchain) or game pie (game + finance). Because you can make money by playing games. However, accessing these titles was too new and risky. We are not yet confident to pursue it.

What is “SQF (Sancti Quest of the Frontline)”? What are the new trends in the world of NFT Games?

“Sancti Quest on Frontline” is a GameFi project developed on the BSC (Binance Smart Chain) platform, and has a different economic structure from most existing GameFi projects in BSC. The most special is the mission to return the game to its original state. Whether it’s a regular game or GameFi, the most important aspect is still enjoyment and enjoyment for players. Of course, players can earn money in the same way as in any other game. “Sancti Quest on Frontline” will usher in a new era for both GameFi and Crypto markets.

As of February 2022, GameFi’s total market capitalization has grown to $55.38 billion. By 2025, blockchain games will be worth $50 billion and are expected to grow ten times faster than traditional games. The blockchain gaming environment is evolving rapidly. GameFi is one of the trendiest topics in cryptocurrency right now, with new developments accelerating thanks to promising gameplay and the resulting economic incentives.

With the rapid growth of the GameFi market in recent years, many players have made a lot of money through their games, and as a result, other games are being released more and more frequently. But the quality of the game is not proportional to the quantity. Players are only interested in making money, and publishers are interested in making games as fast as possible. As a result, it is unsustainable.”Click to earn“The game has been mass-produced and has broken the trust of the gaming community.

What is the difference between SQF and SQF’s airdrop programs?

Virtual currency, digital currency, cryptocurrency markets attract more and more investors and become more and more attractive due to the long history of NFT technology being very popular with users. A unique combination of Game NFT, although it has been around for several years, it has created a truly complete and revolutionary wave in the blockchain platform with a professional, creative and experienced team. SQF believes in creating and bringing exciting playgrounds in its own right. Valuable value for investors.

And the reason why investors should receive incentives and participate immediately through this airdrop. Let’s take a look at SQF’s outstanding strengths with our team.

game mode

Sancti Quest on Frontline is a turn-based strategy game with combat skills. On the battlefield, warriors fight alongside other enemies or legendary monsters to keep the world at peace.

In addition to the basic modes a fighting shooting game should have, PVE (player versus environment) and PVP (player versus player) modes have been added. “Sancti Quest on Frontline” has many attractive mods that have not been developed in other games by our professional game creation team. It can be said that the method of betting with an opponent to compete with each other is more attractive. A mode where the warrior builds a house to live in, and a marriage mode where couples get special passes when they fight together.

Three special game mechanics allow players to experience all battlefields and different levels of conquest emotions.



This is the most basic mode of “Sancti Quest on Frontline”, where the player can fight monsters in various lands, learn more about the mythology of Skyland, and even own treasures from those lands.

party dungeon


Hard mode requires a team with great fighting skills to get a chance to pass each level. In return, the rewards of this mod are very attractive. They are all legendary treasures guarded by monsters.

Ranking (Solo/Team)


Ranked (Single/Team) is the most competitive mode and also the most attractive mode for players of any game who want to reach the top of the ranks.

In Ranked Match mode, players will look for random matches, but the game will sort the following pairs of matches for the closest equivalent power for fairness in each game: There are two types of rank ups that players are free to choose from: playing as a team or playing solo. Depending on their desires and preferences, players can choose the form of battle that suits them.

Limited NFTs