Olivia Dunne counters NYT for ‘Sex Sells’ article

Olivia Dunne called the New York Times claiming how female college athletes make millions of dollars thanks to their huge followers on social media.

Here’s everything you need to know.

Olivia Dunne blames The New York Times for ‘Sex Sells’ story

LSU gymnast Olivia Dunne retaliated after publishing an article in the New York Times recently titled ‘New approval for college athletes re-emerges old concern: selling sex’.

In the post, Outlet explained that her followers on social media and other financial successes are increasing.

But the 20-year-old doesn’t seem to be impressed with their story.

She criticized the NYT for sharing images from a recent photo shoot on her Instagram account on Wednesday, November 9th.

She also posted on NYT’s official Instagram account, ‘Is this too much?

More on Olivia Dunne’s The New York Times article

The New York Times highlighted Olivia Dunne’s earnings in a post.

They say that ‘the flood of new money and the way many female athletes acquire it stifles some who fight for equal treatment in women’s sports and that it rewards traditional women’s desirability over athletic ability.’

Beyond that, Dunne has revealed in publications how much she earns thanks to her NIL trade.

She said, ‘Seven numbers. It’s something I’m proud of. Especially because I am a woman who plays college sports.’

Dunne also has over 2 million followers on her Instagram account. She frequently shares photos of herself in her LSU leotard as well as her casual outfits, swimsuits.

Additionally, she has become one of the most important student-athletes due to her endorsement deal made after the NCAA’s Name, Image and Similarity (NIL) rules changed last summer.

Meanwhile, Tara VanDerveer, women’s basketball coach at Stanford, explained why she thinks the deal is a ‘step back’ for female players.

She said in the publication: ‘Sometimes there seems to be a swinging pendulum where we take two steps forward and one step back.’

Since then, she has said, ‘We compete, we run, we have the resources, we have the facilities, we have our coaches, we fight for every opportunity associated with Olympic-level athletics.’

VanDerveer went on to say, ‘This is a step back,’ adamantly.

Aside from that, Dunne currently sits first on the list of On3 Sports women’s NIL money makers. It is based on an assessment of each player’s performance, impact and exposure.


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