Olympic fashion is back! Everything you need to know about the Team USA Winter 2022 jersey (and Canada too!)

Back then, before the Olympic athletes from the United States and around the world went to the stadium-and Links, Courses and Pools – We’re getting a preview of the iconic fashion that Team USA 2022 has to offer along with this year’s jersey.

You will remember that Team USA made international headlines during the 2020 Olympics with a jersey designed by Ralph Lauren! Of course, fans were crazy about the fresh red, white, and blue look, not to mention the public reaction to the Canadian national team’s blue jacket. But in 2022, both teams are spurring the fashion game with the season’s biggest trend, the Puffer Jacket.

Of course, Ralph Lauren is back, designing a commemorative outfit for Team USA, 14 years after she first showed off her style at the 2008 Beijing Olympics. But unlike Team USA, Team Canada decided to change things, finally starting from a years-long partnership with Hudson’s Bay, which has graced Canada after the 2006 Turin Winter Games.

Read on to learn more about it. Team USA Winter 2022 Jersey, how the outfits are eco-friendly, and which athleisure wear designers are helping Canadian teams elevate their style game.

US team Olympic uniform opening ceremony

After 14 years designing for Team USA, Ralph Lauren designs uniforms for both the opening and closing ceremonies. But Ralph Lauren has yet to announce the opening ‘fit; You may have to wait until the ’22 Olympics start in February.

Ralph Lauren, who showed off the Closing Ceremony kit in October, adds that he plans to release an Opening Ceremony uniform in the new year.

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US team Olympic uniform closing ceremony

The US national team uniform for the closing ceremony consists of a red, white and blue buffalo plaid padded jacket, an intarsia turtleneck sweater with the American flag, blue fleece leggings for women and white fleece pants for men. This year’s unisex jersey also continues a recent tradition dedicated to a level of sustainability that typically means using recycled and/or responsibly sourced materials.

David Lauren, Ralph Lauren’s Chief Branding and Innovation Officer, said in a press release, “Ralph Lauren is very proud to provide Team USA with apparel designed with integrity and purpose. The design aesthetic represents a contemporary look that feels definitely new and fresh, created with sustainability in mind.”

Each uniform also includes gloves and boots made from recycled polyester and, as always, each piece of the uniform is made in the USA.

Olympic underwear, loungewear and nightwear from Team USA

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You may remember that SKIMS, Kim Kardashian’s loungewear and apparel brand, made headlines with the sale of Team USA apparel for the Tokyo 2021 Olympics. Yes – this includes underwear, loungewear and pajamas. Kardashian continues the partnership for the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics.

“SKIMS and Team USA are excited to continue working together for this Winter Games,” Kardashian said in a press release. “Our lounge and pajama collection was designed with these inspiring women in mind, and we are so proud to see Olympic and Paralympic athletes wearing SKIMS again on break!”

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Kardashian wrote on Instagram: “I’ve been hearing every detail about the Olympics from my stepfather since I was 10. As you watch the athletes play, you will understand the dedication and glory that is part of the Olympics.”

“I went on a trip,” he said. [with] My stepfather and family would go to all the different cities for the Olympic exams, the Olympics and @caitlynjenner’s track and field and would buy Olympic T-shirts as souvenirs at every stop.”

The limited edition collection includes T-shirts, sports bras, leggings, biker shorts, tanks, sweatpants and more.

Peter Zeytoonjian, Senior Vice President, US Olympic and Paralympic Assets, said, “Team USA’s first collection with SKIMS has been a hit with athletes and fans alike, and we are delighted to see that the start of the Winter Games brings another collection to life. I am delighted,” he said. “This new collection uses warmer materials to provide additional comfort for Team USA players competing at lower temperatures.”

Available while stock lasts, the collection will be officially launched on the SKIMS website on January 25, 2022.

Where can I buy Team USA costumes?

One of Ralph Lauren’s Olympic athlete ambassadors, two-time snowboarder gold medalist Jamie Anderson, didn’t stop loving the Closing Ceremony uniform. “I was just saying how cozy this jacket is,” Anderson said. AP Communication, “It feels really good. Quality for example. You know they will last forever. It’s awesome.”

But Anderson and other Olympians aren’t the only ones enjoying the 2022 Team USA outfit this year.

In addition to buying Olympic-inspired clothing from SKIMS, you can also get the exact same outfits the US team wears on their medal stands. The Medal Stand collection from Nike consists of a t-shirt, tank, windrunner and matching trousers. Both products are made from 90% recycled fabrics.


In addition to buying Olympic gear on Nike.com, fans can also purchase Team USA outfits from RalphLauren.com. Sure, it costs quite a bit if you’re trying to get the exact outfit (almost $2,000 for a puffer jacket alone), but it’s pretty sweet to say you have the same uniforms as Team USA!

ralph lauren
(Ralph Lauren)

The collection includes puffers, matching pants, closing sweaters, fleece jackets and more. A portion of the proceeds support the US Olympic team.

When is the 2022 Olympics?

Did you know that the first modern Olympics date back to 1894? Of course, the ancient Games go back much further, but 1894 was the year the International Olympic Committee was founded by Charles Pierre de Frédy and Baron de Coubertin. Two years later, the first modern games were held and the International Olympic Committee still oversees the games today.

Today, the modern Olympics are held every four years and are a system modeled on the ancient Olympics. At that time, the ancient Greeks were the way to mark the passage of time, but today we adhere to the four-year cycle in a way that honors tradition. With this, the 2022 Winter Olympics will begin on February 4, 2022.

Are the 2022 Olympic uniforms eco-friendly?

Along with the latest U.S. uniforms with a focus on sustainability, this year’s jerseys are also made from recycled polyester, recycled down and wool certified to the Responsible Wool Standard (RWS). In fact, Ralph Lauren announced in an Olympic press release that it would use 100% RWS certified or recycled wool by 2025.

Lauren added: “We are investing heavily in expanding our sustainability solutions that can significantly reduce the impact of us and the broader industry, and we are proud to create thoughtful apparel for Team USA that embodies this mission.”

Likewise, Olympic brown medalist bobsledder Aja Evans thanked the company for adopting sustainable uniforms. Evans told Yahoo! “Definitely Ralph Lauren is a brand you must listen to. It feels good to wear and is sustainable. It makes them feel… you know, helping the environment. And they work with Team USA players and help get the money back. So I think around them they are a system that supports us.”

What are the 2022 Canadian Olympic jerseys?


Next up is Team Canada! Designed by Canadian retailer Hudson’s Bay, the 2020 Olympic kit features a graffiti denim jacket and white jeans, a tribute to Canadian streetwear. After receiving considerable backlash on the internet, Team Canada announced a new partnership with Lululemon, which will take center stage in 2022. This year, lululemon designed a ‘fit for both the Olympic and Paralympic Games’.

Far from the 2020 denim look, the 2022 Canadian Olympic athletes will wear an all-red and all-cream kit featuring insulting, sweat-wicking and antibacterial fabrics. This jersey is designed to withstand water and wind and has plenty of hidden pockets (including the Canadian Maple Leaf icon). The full outfit includes a parka, down jacket, jogger, trapper hat, bucket hat and zip-up.


But what’s most interesting is the versatility of the Lululemon kit. The parka has an adjustable multi-part zip and the down jacket can also be switched to wear as a backpack. Pretty cool, right?

How to watch the 2022 Olympics

The 2022 Olympics will be broadcast during NBC prime time (8:00 PM EST (5 PM PDT)). Olympic events can also be streamed from NBCOlympics.com, NBC Sports and Peacock. You can also watch with Sling TV’s Olympic Channel, YouTube TV, and Hulu + Live TV subscriptions. You can also access the full Olympic schedule and some live streams at NBCOlympics.com.

Next, brush up on Olympic history!

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