Omarion’s brother O’Ryan joins OnlyFans with GRAND entrance

Omarion’s little brother ready to be in the spotlight! O’Ryan, the father of Jhene Aiko or Omarion’s first child, recently joined OnlyFans and has already gained a lot of attention. As of this month’s release date, only 1,000 fans have signed up for the O’Ryan OnlyFans page. But that number will grow rapidly as more people learn about O’Ryan nudes and where to find them.

On Omarion Verzuz, Omarion and O’Ryan have had some turbulent moments recently. For sensational moments, the brothers collaborated to mimic oral sex on one or two watermelons. Instead, Omarion became one of many factors that became the center of everyone’s jokes the next day.

What was O’Ryan doing in OnlyFans’ video?

The surprising scene gave the singer of “Touch” a new nickname – Omelon. When I was a teenager, it was funny to play masculinity and sexuality, but now? At that time, someone said, โ€œWatermelon? scratch the ground?

O’Ryan is creating an OnlyFans page to give fans a taste of his antics after the controversial watermelon eating incident in the Verzuz duel.

The internet is buzzing about O’Ryan. The Los Angeles native, known as Omarion’s brother, is bringing his powers to OnlyFans and putting everything together. His page currently only has 6 posts, but has 910 likes. He costs 12 dollars a month to subscribe to his page.

Twitter fingers are going crazy since O’Ryan introduced his OnlyFans. The 35-year-old is undoubtedly gifted. He can certainly accumulate money thanks to this.

Who is Orion?

He is an African American born February 12, 1987 in California. O’Ryan, the younger brother of R&B singer and musician Omarion, is also a singer. In 2004 he released an album aimed at young listeners. The musician has a net worth of $3 million and has appeared on TV a few times during his career. Glamor Path reports that he has numerous tattoos. One of them is a tattoo of the “Rolling Stones” band logo, modeled after the image of the Hindu goddess Kali.

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