OMEGA X’s agency apologizes after being sued for acts of violence

Omega X’s agency issued a statement on the latest news that the CEO was accused of physically and verbally abusing idols.

Here’s everything you need to know.

Official apology over alleged assault on CEO of Omega X’s management company

Spire Entertainment responded to the CEO’s allegation of assault and repeated allegations of harassment by the company through a press release on October 24.

They say ‘Hello. This is Spire Entertainment, the agency of boy group Omega X. First of all, I would like to express my deepest apologies for causing concern with this unfortunate news.’

Also, ‘At that time, the Omega X members and their agency were talking about how hard each of them worked so far and making plans for the future. In the process, they began to complain about each other, and they began to raise their voices gradually, engulfed in emotions.’

The agency then concluded the conversation by saying, “The conversation continued after the meal, but the conversation continued. The current members and the agency have cleared up all misunderstandings. We want to move forward with consideration for each other.”

Chilean Controversy Explained

An Argentine Twitter user shared a series of tweets describing her mom’s experiences while on vacation in Chile.

The user said that his mother was staying at the same hotel as Omega X in Chile. During breakfast, she saw a woman shouting at two OMEGA X members.

Moreover, at the airport late at night, he swears at the same person. So her mom decided to take her action and she stopped scolding him further.

The user added that the members of OMEGA X thanked the Argentine woman for helping them.

The tweet also claimed that her mother had asked her to report the woman’s attitude on social media.

The post was shared by several online communities, but later caught the attention of social media users.

Los Angeles Controversy

On October 23, Omega X fans shared the sound of the agency’s representative shouting at the members. They also claimed that the person physically assaulted the idol.

In the recording, a woman said, ‘Have you ever done that to me? Did you take care of me when I was having a hard time?’


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