One of the best Netflix sci-fi shows is back with a great new season.

One of Netflix’s most creative and innovative sci-fi shows is back on Netflix.

third season of Love, Death and Robots Came to the streaming giant yesterday and is full of some of the best animations I’ve ever seen.

Season 3 has a total of 9 episodes. One is the continuation of the story that started in season 2, the first time the show’s short film got a sequel.

The episode title alone is enough to get you in the mood for a bizarre and bizarre science fiction novel. Not to mention the story on which it was based and the talented directors and animation studios that created it. David Fincher is his Love, Death and Robots Debut this season.

Here are the episodes from season 3:

  • Three Robots: Exit StraggleBased on the story of John Scalzi and directed by Patrick Osborne.
  • bad tripBased on the story of Neal Asher, directed by David Fincher.
  • machine pulse, Based on the story of Michael Swanick and directed by Emily Dean
  • mini dead night, Based on the story of Jeff Fowler and Tim Miller and directed by Robert Bisi and Andy Lyon.
  • kill team kill, Based on the story of Justin Coates and directed by Jennifer Yuh Nelson
  • corps, Based on the story of Bruce Sterling, directed by Tim Miller
  • Mason’s RatBased on the story of Neal Asher and directed by Carlos Stevens (adapted to the script by Joe Abercrombie, one of my favorite fantasy writers)
  • At Vaulted Halls Entombed, Directed by Jerome Chen, based on the story of Alan Baxter.
  • ChibaDirected by Alberto Mielgo, screenplay

I will write about this episode here on this blog Stay tuned. Be sure to check it out Opening 8 minutes of Stranger Things 4 In addition. The show returns next weekend!


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