One organization has already sent 25 units of blood to Uvalde. Here’s how you can help.

following the Mass shooting in elementary school A large blood bank in San Antonio, Texas, which killed at least 18 children and a teacher, sent 25 units of donated blood to the small town of Uvalde. Now South Texas Blood and Tissue is asking the public for more donations.

in statementThe agency said that since blood transfusion is possible on-site or in an emergency vehicle, 15 low-titer O whole blood used in emergency situations was sent to Uvalde by helicopter. After receiving additional requests, they sent an additional 10 units of O-negative blood to the hospital in Uvalde late Tuesday afternoon.

The organization has already planned a Wednesday blood donation at Uvalde’s Herby Ham activity center, encouraging people to donate blood in their area.

“We will continue to work with local hospitals to restore blood supply to other patients in need and to supply blood as needed,” the organization said.

Our hearts are with the Uvalde community. ♥️ We will be conducting an emergency blood donation tomorrow at Herbieham Activity…

Posted by: South Texas Blood and Tissue In ~ Tuesday, May 24, 2022

In a Facebook post, South Texas Blood and Tissue said they had only 26 left and were asking for help to make enough for the holiday weekend. The organization filed a petition on the Brothers in Arms Facebook page, a program for type O-positive male donors.

University Health, a large hospital system in San Antonio, It also helps people. Victims of shootings by donating blood.

The Uvalde Memorial Hospital said earlier that 13 children were transported by ambulance and bus to treatment, and two people died when they arrived at the hospital. A second hospital said it was treating a 66-year-old woman and a 10-year-old girl in critical condition. Another hospital is treating two adults, both in critical condition.


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