One penalty shoot-out for each team in QB-rich AFC West

The offseason arms race in AFC West has been intense for months already.

that much Denver Broncos traded to quarterback Russell Wilson. Las Vegas Raiders All-Pro Wide Receiver Davante Adams Added And he’s pairing him with former Fresno State teammate and quarterback Derek Carr. Los Angeles Chargers? They did a deal with Khalil Mack., Cornerback JC Jackson signed and recently Add Kyle Van Noy It’s part of an effort to strengthen the defense, which too often disappoints quarterback Justin Herbert and the company last year.

Oh, and don’t forget the six-time defending champions, the Kansas City Chiefs. them Trade Away Star Wide Receiver Tyreek Hill And Lost Tyrann Mathieu to free agency.However, it was restocked on the borderline and in 2022, Patrick Mahomes took the top spot in the star-packed quarterback division as well.

Denver veteran cornerback Ronald Darby, who spent four years between Philadelphia and Washington earlier this week before signing with the Broncos last year, said. . “That is what we have to prepare, what we have to prepare and what we will do. Look at our team. They can say the same thing.

“We are all stacked up.”

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Who is the winner of the most talked-about division in football? And which of all the teams dreaming of the playoffs will watch at home in January?

Here’s one stretch. Newly released schedule for 2022 For each team that will help solve the West’s little order.

Denver has a major Week 1 game, but more importantly, a solid finish stretch.

Of course, there will be a lot of attention in the coming weeks. Russell Wilson’s first game as a quarterback for the Broncos will take place in Seattle.. Naturally, Lumen Field will be the juice that night.

Denver will also need all the juices it can collect to sail through December and January.

It will be the team’s second straight east coast trip when the Broncos travel to Baltimore on December 4th. They are in Carolina a week ago. And the closing stretch will begin full of playoff contenders. After the Ravens, Weeks 14-18 include Kansas City and Arizona in Denver, Christmas at the Rams, New Year’s Day at the Chiefs, and home closers with the Chargers.

The second turn through the division is the most important, and if you want to refine it further, it’s hard to imagine that the Broncos can realistically win AFC West without beating the Chiefs and Chargers (at least one of them). regular season. But December will be a long time for Wilson and the company.

The Kansas City Chiefs will do most of their holiday shopping on the road.

In fact, Patrick Mahomes and the company kick off December with three straight road games. They will travel to Cincinnati on December 4th, Denver on December 11th and Houston on December 18th before briefly returning to their Saturday home games on Christmas Eve.

The AFC title game rematch and split trip to the Bronco will of course get more attention than a trip to Houston, but the prospect of a three-game straight away at Arrowhead makes the stretch tough no matter who Kansas City closes with. .

The chief’s slate unfolds more splendidly. Week 4 Tampa Bay TripFor example – but if they want to win a division championship for seven straight seasons, they will have to do some dirty work on the road before finishing Seattle, Denver and Las Vegas at home in December.

The Josh McDaniels era in Las Vegas begins with a roar. Raiders fans hope they don’t stumble.

It’s good that the Raiders quarterback Derek Carr and All-Pro wide receiver Davante Adams have all the experience they can count on as teammates reunited from their Fresno State days.

Las Vegas will make their first trip against the division’s opposing team in the first five weeks. When the Chargers open, they will be home in Denver in week 4 and Kansas City in week 5. This would be hard enough. But the other two teams before coming in Week 6 are Arizona at home and Tennessee on business. It’s not about taking a walk in the park. Las Vegas says goodbye to the earliest possible weekend, but by the time they arrive we’ll know quite a bit about them.

The Los Angeles Chargers will spend the week saying goodbye to the comforts of home.

After a seven-week break, Justin Herbert and the party drove down Route 4 for five weeks. It starts with a dreadful East Coast road trip and a date in Atlanta and is scheduled for 10am Pacific time. Then LA moves to San Francisco, hosts Kansas City, then goes back to Arizona and the Raiders. The mileage in the second half is not difficult, but the game will be very important, especially against division rivals of the Chiefs and Raiders.

All Chargers needed in the last week of the year last year were a tie or win over the Raiders but eventually fell to 35-32 in overtime. If they want to make it to the playoffs this year (with or without last week drama), they’ll have to avoid a 2021 iteration where they lose three of their last four. But before that, Los Angeles has to make its way through a lot of touring roads in good condition.

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