OnlyFans model Sarah Russi and child star Mason Reese split up when Russi moved to influencer Three6Live.

An adult model, who became famous for dating a former child star 28 years younger than her, said the two broke up after three years of dating.

Mason Reese, 57, of California, broke up a week after she publicly denied that Sarah Russi was her best lover.

In an interview, Sarah Russi said “I love an older man” despite being called a gold mine to date a 4ft 10 Mason who needs a mobile scooter. The unique connection has been well documented over the years.

According to Sarah, who spoke with Femail, by the end of the relationship, the relationship “came closer like friends” and Mason’s words in the video “damaged” her.

However, she has already found new love from Instagram influencer Jesse, known as the handle Three6Live.

About Mason Reese and Sarah Russi

New York City Mason and Sarah connected on Facebook in 2019. Mason was previously a regular on the weekly talk show The Mike Douglas Show and has appeared in commercials for Underwood Deviled Ham, Post Raisin Bran and Dunkin’ Donuts.

The two first lived in New York and then moved to Florida, where their relationship deteriorated.

In her most recent video interview, she claimed that Mason was asked if Sarah was the best person she knew.

When I said I wasn’t the best, he countered.

Did I? Now with pink hair instead of her trademark sleek brown-haired locks, Russi stared furiously at her partner.

I don’t remember saying that, Mason countered.

After the video went viral online, the couple started fighting and Mason accused his girlfriend of making him into a video.

The 57-year-old also claimed that his young lover had an extramarital affair.

The two developed into a romantic relationship in 2019.

The two became a hot topic when they revealed that they were dating in 2019. They admitted that they made a bewildered look as they traveled across New York on Mason’s mobility scooter.

In response, former child actress and retired restaurant owner Mason claimed how ‘lucky’ she was to be with Sarah Russi and even supported her camgirl lifestyle. Lucy, who she was 26 at the time, was accused of being a gold mine.

Many people are shocked and say, “Really? Are you with him? Why? Cash?” he asked

I felt really bad when people thought I was with him for his money. I was able to date 20 guys who would give me pocket money so I didn’t have to be with him for his money, Russi said. true.

Russi, who previously said she prefers older men and finds Mason “cute,” said she’s happy with Jesse’s being closer to her age.

He’s the closest person I’ve dated to my age and I think it’s great that he’s there.

We also share many similarities. Mason was forced to shoot a video, but it’s good that the Three6 has become all about content creation. There is much more chemistry and connection between us.

Ten days later, the two started living together. While living with Three6, model OnlyFans claims that Mason “asked her to come get her stuff.”

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