Opinion: WEF President: How the World Can Rebuild Cooperation

Indeed, in the last few years, global competition seems to have overtaken cooperation. For example, in the face of rising global temperatureMany governments are trying to create new approaches without doubling climate action. natural resources for strategic advantage. At the same time, long-standing partners such as trade systemUsed to punish rivals. Customs increase after prolonged decline.

Rebuilding cooperation after years of erosion requires focusing on what has proven effective. In this current time of upheaval and discord, we need to reaffirm and strengthen our mechanisms of cooperation. Because history has shown that this is the only way to address our most pressing priorities.

For a quarter century after the end of the Cold War, leaders may have gone blind on countless issues. disagreement — But on the whole, there has been agreement on the basic rules that guide global relationships.
creation world trade organization 1995 and China’s advance 2001 marked a milestone for this period, which reveals a larger, more collaborative structure that binds the global environment and prevents major conflicts. 2015 Paris Agreementamong them 196 party Agreeing to broad climate commitments was arguably the capstone of this collaboration.

The problems the world faces today (rebuilding the economy, ending epidemics, meeting climate obligations) are too complex for any one party to solve on their own. We need businesses, governments, international organizations and civil society to be part of the solution.

Thankfully we are seeing this in action. One example is the growing number of companies that practice stakeholder capitalism. It is a model that promotes not only profits, but also the interests of people and the planet. This is why there was a significant level of participation by the last United Nations Conference on Climate Change (COP26) in Glasgow. private sector. and with the public and private sectors international organizationWe are working hand in hand to solve the humanitarian crisis caused by the war in Ukraine.

common purpose

Second, cooperation must be supported by a common sense of purpose that unites stakeholders. Where it is most effective, it should include focus and coordination to achieve specific priorities.

It is a model that Edison AllianceLaunched last year by the World Economic Forum (WEF), the public-private sector platform for digital inclusion has mobilized leading technology companies with governments. digital access For one billion people worldwide by 2025. This ambitious goal is possible because each partner is focused on a specific mission.


Finally, we need a conversation. One of the biggest diplomatic coups in the last half century was the Camp David Accords that brought peace between Israel and Egypt. The agreement came as a result of US President Jimmy Carter’s 13-day meeting with Egyptian President Anwar Sadat and Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin. Negotiation.
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At the COP26 climate conference in November, the United States and China statement We pledge “a firm commitment to work together” to achieve our climate goals. Confirmation was primarily a result of face-to-face. conference Between their climate envoys.

The pandemic has taken a whole lot of reassurance beyond the benefits of conversation if health protocols allow it. Much can be achieved virtually, but for all its advantages, the digital world is not well suited to spark new ideas or build deep connections.

That’s why next week the World Economic Forum will host its first face-to-face annual meeting in Davos in more than two years. This conference will bring together diverse groups of people, such as leaders of business, government, international organizations and civil society, along with professionals, youth activists, and celebrities in the arts, at the very moment when we need to rebuild inclusive, purpose-driven partnerships. will be It’s so important.

By reaffirming and strengthening the foundations of cooperation, we hope that the next page of history will be directed towards cooperation and security, not conflict and conflict.


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