Overwatch 2 Beta Patch Notes: Mercy Super Jump and Baptiste and Sojourn Changes

although the first overwatch 2 The beta is set to wrap up in a few days, and Blizzard will be releasing one more balance patch to try out a few. One of them was hinted at earlier this week in the form of making Mercy’s super jump easier.

More from ForbesMercy’s super jump could become an official ability in ‘Overwatch 2’

The ability isn’t officially part of Mercy’s kit, but players have been using it to great effect over the years. The problem is that it can be tricky to pull off due to the timing and button combinations required. As part of this patch, Team 4 is officially trying to bring a move to Mercy’s toolset. Canceling the Guardian Angel with the crouch button slightly increases the vertical height.

here is the whole overwatch 2 May 12 beta patch notes that also include changes from Baptiste and Sojourn, along with developer comments and my thoughts.


Guardian Angel

  • You can now also use the crouch key to cancel. Canceling an ability using this key fires Mercy high into the sky.

Developer Notes: This is an early implementation of a new feature designed to give Mercy players more options on how to use their Guardian Angel. Some Mercy players have already been able to perform similar boosts using a rather complicated technique called ‘super jumps’. This new feature will allow all players to perform similar boosts more consistently, but retain their original skills.

In some ways, this new cancel boost is far more powerful than the original skill. This is because the player can do this at any time without having to be close to the target. This is just an early implementation and we would like to get feedback on how to improve it.

As I wrote before, I like this move in principle. We’re happy to have more control over how exactly Mercy players use Super Jump, rather than the cooldown. You can still use the old-school Super Jump version if you want.


play burst

  • Now heals 50 over time instead of 100 instantly and 50 over time. It also instantly doubles healing on targets below 50% health. (Please note that we are aware of an issue where this ability is not updating on the Hero Info screen.)
  • No longer heals Baptist twice.

Developer Notes: This change will help strengthen Baptist as a support hero who can save his allies in times of crisis. This new feature is intended to work in synergy with Immortality Field, allowing you to recover faster after saving your allies (or yourself!) from imminent danger.

Looks like a solid team-oriented buff to Baptiste. There was also a concern that the usability would decrease. overwatch 2 This is because teammates are more distributed (leading to increased ammo in previous patches). This can encourage Bap’s teammates to get close to the damn healer.



  • Base rate of fire increased from 13 rounds per second to 15 rounds per second.
  • Max ammo increased from 40 to 45

Developer Notes: Sojourn has been a bit underwhelming since he was first added to the roster. While these changes aren’t huge, increasing the rate of fire increases the secondary fire charge rate and ultimate gain, and purely increases the raw DPS of the primary fire.

Whenever a weapon’s rate of fire is changed, the rate at which the weapon consumes magazines and ammo is also changed. To compensate for this, we are increasing her ammo count.

New heroes will need to be fine-tuned for a while after players first get their hands on it. It’s a decent buff that will increase Sojourn’s pick rate and see her more in her Overwatch League.

This patch has been applied to the current PC beta build. First overwatch 2 Beta will run until Tuesday, May 17th at 2pm EST.


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