Paramore Releases ‘This Is Why’ Album In 2023: Release Date

American rock band Paramore is set to release an album soon next year, and fans are literally very excited. This popular band has been planning this release for quite some time. But finally, we have all the details about the same thing. So when will Paramore’s new album be released?

Read ahead to learn more about Paramore’s new album release and all updates.

Paramore releases new album

American rock band Paramore is planning to release a new album. Now that’s what will happen next year. Paramore’s album is titled “This is Why”. The album belongs to Atlantic Records. The band’s last album was After Laughter, which came out in 2017.

That’s why this album becomes the band’s sixth album. Hopefully, we now have a release date as well. All albums are due to come out next year. So, don’t miss out on updates every time an album is released.

When will Paramore’s new album This Is Why be released?

Paramore will release a new album, This Is Why, on February 10 next year. The album has a total of 10 tracks. Apart from the upcoming album. We suggested the band tour this year to support their This is Why album. Tour dates have been announced to be held in October of this year.

Ends on November 19th. They will also join some special guests on their tour. It won’t be there throughout the tour, but it’s definitely available on some selected dates.

Where do I pre-order Paramore’s new album?

If you are looking forward to Paramore’s new album. Then you can choose to pre-order. Just in case you’re confused about where to pre-order. Then here are all the details you can try.

You can get Paramore’s new album for pre-order on the Artist Store, iTunes Store, and Amazon Music. You can pre-save albums to Spotify and Deezer. You can also add it in advance from Apple Music.

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