Paris Hilton accused of sexual harassment at Utah school

Paris Hilton said she was sexually assaulted by staff at the Utah boarding school she attended in the 1990s, a boarding school for troubled teens.

Here’s everything you need to know.

Paris Hilton has revealed that she was sexually harassed.

Paris Hilton recently shared with New York Times magazine the sexual abuse she suffered at the Provo Canyon School in Utah.

‘If it’s very late at night, around three or four in the morning, I’ll take me and the other women into this room for a health check-up,’ she said.

A 41-year-old socialite said, ‘This is not even for the doctor. It was with two different staff, who put us on the table and put their fingers inside the cage. And I don’t know what they were doing, but it was definitely not a doctor and it was really scary.’

Moreover, Hilton’s voice was trembling. ‘It was really scary, and it’s something I’ve been blocking for years. But now it’s always coming back, and I think about it. And now, as an adult, looking back, it was clearly sexual abuse.’

Paris Hilton continues allegations of abuse on Twitter

Paris Hilton provided a detailed version of the incident on Twitter.

“I didn’t understand what was going on because I didn’t get enough sleep and took a lot of medication,” she wrote.

Moreover, Simple Life Star claimed that “I was forced to lie on a soft table, spread my legs, and be tested for cervical cancer.” I cried while they pressed me and said “No!” They just say, “Shut up. Be quiet. If you don’t stop fighting, go to the Ops.”‘

Just in case, Rick and Kathy Hilton sent their 16-year-old daughter to Provo Canyon because of their rebellious behavior and attitude. She spent 11 months in boarding school before returning home.

Hilton previously painted the bigger picture of her traumatic experience in boarding school in the 2020 documentary The Is Paris.

Additionally, three of the Stars Are Blind artist’s former classmates joined her to support her allegations of abuse.

At the time, the heiress said the students were forced to take drugs and were restrained and punished. She sometimes finds herself in solitary confinement for ’20 hours a day,’ she said.


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