Pence rules out Trump primaries in 2024

Former Vice President Mike Pence is not ruling out running for president in the upcoming 2024 presidential race, despite publicly breaking with President Donald Trump over whether he will prove Joe Biden’s 2020 victory in the 2020 presidential election.

Pence, the governor of Indiana when Trump chose him as his running mate six years ago, called it Trump’s pressure in a series of public appearances to distance himself from the two-time impeached former president. He denounced those who “wrongly” overturned the 2020 elections and denounced “both sides” of the 2017 racist riots in Charlottesville, Virginia.

in an interview with New York Times Last month, Vice President Pence and his wife Karen said, “I’ll go where we call it,” when asked if he would decline to run for the White House if Trump declared him a nominee. times He and Vice President Pence “always approached these things” by acting on their prayers.

Trump remains the de facto leader of the Republican Party, but in part because he continues to support candidates who lie that he was the victim of a fraudulent election two years ago. People thanked Trump for resisting Trump’s call to unilaterally reject the swing state electoral college vote in an attempt to keep him and the former president in power against the will of American voters.

He said the expression of gratitude was “very humble” to him.

Also, Vice President Pence did not follow Trump’s position in gaining support.

On Monday, he will be campaigning for Georgia Governor Brian Kemp, another Republican who upset Trump for not illegally blocking Biden from proving his loss.

A year and a half after Trump’s relentless attack on Trump for calling him “the worst governor” on the issue of “election integrity,” Trump is a Trumpworld codeword willing to help his former president cheat. — Mr Kemp now leads the way against former senator David Purdue, who Trump backed.

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