People in counties that supported Trump are twice as likely to die of COVID-19: study

Americans in the counties that voted the most for Donald Trump in 2020 2.26 times more likely to die from COVID-19 New data analysis shows that more counties voted Joe Biden than

The additional damage to Republican counties is significant, especially given that one million people in the United States currently have died from COVID-19.

National Public Radio looked at deaths from COVID-19 per 100,000 people in about 3,000 counties across the country starting in May 2021, when most Americans could be vaccinated. The NPR reported that in 2020, the death rate for people living in counties that voted for Trump at least 60% was 2.26 times that of counties that voted for Biden at a similar rate.

Counties with the highest voter turnout for Trump have a much higher mortality rate.

While local COVID-19 mortality rates are affected by several factors such as wealth and access to health care, mortality rates have closely followed vaccination rates often criticized by Republicans, activists and media figures. Not only did they urge people not to get vaccinated, they often spread terrifying disinformation about vaccines.

According to an analysis released by Brown University this month, Nearly 320,000 lives If more people had chosen to vaccinate, it would have been available nationwide.

and the political orientation continues Largest predictor of immunization statusaccording to the nonpartisan think tank Kaiser Family Foundation, in the NPR study, 81% of adults were vaccinated in counties that strongly favored Biden, compared to 60% of adults in counties that supported Trump.

According to a Brown study, the states that had the greatest influence on Trump, including West Virginia and Wyoming, were Highest preventable mortality rate. The states with the most votes for Biden, such as Massachusetts and Vermont, ranked last.

Democrats initially suffered the highest mortality rates from the epidemic as COVID-19 was hit hardest in major metropolitan areas. However, the Republican area has surpassed the death rate when a vaccine is available and residents have decided not to get the vaccine.

Many COVID-19 deaths occurred in 2020, before a vaccine was available. However, according to a Brown study, half the deaths could have been avoided if all adults in the area had been vaccinated.

Statistics gathered from various studies since the start of the pandemic that hit the city the most consistently demonstrated significantly higher COVID-19 cases and mortality rates in Republican areas than in Democrats.

Some researchers predict that over time, more numbers surviving the disease will reduce discrepancies and reduce the likelihood of death from subsequent bouts.

But William Hang, an epidemiologist at Harvard University, is concerned that politicians could continue to use vaccination as a “wedge” problem for political gain and could seriously harm American health by targeting all vaccinations next. .

“It’s part of it. organ damage That’s what happens when politicians constantly disparage it and try to turn it into political football,” he told NPR.


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