PewDiePie accused of “mocking” deaf TikToker

Famous YouTuber PewDiePie has recently attracted the attention of netizens for mocking the deaf Tic Talker. When PewDiePie made a video of herself by adding a video of the deaf Tic Talker, netizens responded quickly. PewDiePie is currently facing a backlash in response to a video from a deaf tic-talker.

Read first to learn more about PewDiePie. Faced with backlash mocking deaf tic-talkers.

PewDiePie mocked the deaf tic-talker.

PewDiePie is a popular YouTuber who continues to post videos on YouTube. He even has 111 million subscribers on YouTube. As usual when PewDiePie makes the video. He decided to add a video of the deaf tic-talker he was watching. In the video, a woman was speaking using sign language.

But PewDiePie went to watch the woman’s video. He stopped it halfway after a few seconds. He also said that he can no longer see. He also mocked women’s long nails. compared to his dog’s nails. He even ridiculed the dog for the way women communicate.

Netizens criticized PewDiePie for mocking the deaf tic-talker.

As soon as a video of PewDiePie mocking a deaf TikTokker was uploaded to YouTube. The video quickly became a hot topic. In fact, netizens criticized the YouTuber’s reaction to the deaf TikTok. However, PewDiePie tried to edit the post and repost it. However, he forgot to remove the old thumbnail showing the video picture of the deaf tic-talker.

However, netizens were fast enough to save PewDiePie’s video. I also uploaded it to social media. Netizens rebuked the YouTuber for why people don’t talk about the YouTuber who mocked a black deaf woman. Some even say that YouTubers are worse.

Deaf tic-talker’s reaction to being ridiculed by PewDiePie

Netizens have been busy scolding YouTubers for their attitude toward deaf Tic-Talkers. However, Maya, a deaf tic-talker, also responded to the YouTuber’s ridicule. She went on to share her feelings on her TikTok video.

In her new TikTok video, May says the YouTubers didn’t listen to her because she uses sign language and has long nails. She also said that a YouTuber teased herself with her own dog. It was sad for May to see such a popular creator do such a thing. She said PewDiePie didn’t apologize, but rather edited the clip.

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