Philippines begins excavation of body buried in makeshift grave during Duterte’s drug war

The bodies of some of the people who died in the ‘war on drugs’ of Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte from 2016 to 2019 were forcibly retrieved. excavation Due to the expiry of leases on temporary cemeteries in recent weeks, guardian Newspaper published on Sunday.

A woman named Sarah Celiz said: guardian According to a May 22 report, she recently had to rely on a Catholic charity to pay for the cremation of the bodies of two sons that President Duterte recently killed as part of his “war on drugs” in Manila in 2017. Celiz temporarily buried her son’s remains in a short-term cemetery, but the lease on her leased lot recently expired.

“There will be more victims.” [of Duterte’s “war on drugs”] “When the five-year lease on the cemetery expires, you will be evicted from the cemetery,” he said. guardian It was predicted on Sunday.

“Victims are often buried in ‘apartment graves’. These are much cheaper than permanent places or makeup, but only temporary. After the lease expires, it is the responsibility of the family to find an alternative,” the newspaper noted.

Metro Manila has one of the following: highest Its population density is 27,307 people per square mile, meaning large-scale burials are increasingly scarce and expensive.

The Philippine metropolitan area was the epicenter of President Duterte’s “war on drugs” from 2016 to 2019. The campaign targeted illegal drug production and trade in the Philippines. An illegal drug organization based in China has begun. flood Around 2016, a persistent drug crisis began in the Philippines in a poverty-stricken country. The industry is largely surrounded by crystal methamphetamine, an addictive and lethal drug known in the Philippines as “shabu”.

Duterte’s six-year single as president of the Philippines will expire on June 30. he publicly encourage His successor, Philippine President-elect Ferdinand Marcos Jr., will continue his anti-drug campaign during the coming 12 May.

Outgoing Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte meets with the Inter-Agency Task Force on Emerging Infectious Diseases in Davao City on Monday, February 15, 2021. (President Joey Dalumpines/Malacanang Department of Photography, AP)

Duterte said during Marcos’ next presidency he would “proclaim the continuation of the drug war.”

“I will not stop at the lure of millions of dollars for businessmen, traffickers and drug lords,” he said in his State of the Union address.

“This has to be a war. It cannot be said that it is simply a special operation of the police or the military. This cannot be because it is a very vicious and malicious activity that can affect the life of a country,” Duterte added.

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