player evaluation

Chelsea v Liverpool – Follow Live

helpHow to play

Rate a player 1 in 10 after the game or the end of the game. The rater closes 30 minutes after the final whistle.

grade range keyOne = give up10 = pure perfection


  1. squad number16player namemehndi

  2. squad number14player namechalova

  3. squad number6player nameThiago Silva

  4. squad number2player nameRudiger

  5. squad number24player nameJames

  6. squad number5player namejorginho

  7. squad number8player namekovacic

  8. squad numberthreeplayer nameAlonso

  9. squad number19player namemountain

  10. squad number10player namePulisic

  11. squad number9player nameLukaku

    No players have been substituted yet


    No players have been substituted yet

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