Police open fire on teens in McDonald’s parking lot

A rookie San Antonio police officer shot and seriously injured a 17-year-old boy in a McDonald’s parking lot.

Here’s everything you need to know.

Teenage boy kept alive after being shot by police

CBS reported that on the night of the shooting, Eric Cantou was sitting in a car with a female colleague in a McDonald’s parking lot.

Officer James Brennand also arrived at the scene after responding to uproar calls in the area.

Brennand argued that Cantu’s vehicle resembled a car that had gone out of his grasp earlier that day, leading him to suspect Cantu’s vehicle.

Brennand also approached Cantu’s car and opened the door, ordering him to get out of the car.

Surprised, Cantu reversed the car, resulting in Brennand firing multiple shots at him through the window.

Meanwhile, Cantu’s lawyer Brian Powers updated the teenager’s status in an interview with ABC News.

He said, “We are very grateful for Eric’s recovery. We inform you that he is still in critical condition and is fighting for his life literally every minute of the day as his body has endured a tremendous amount of trauma.’

He also said, ‘I’m still living. We need all the blessings we can receive now.’

San Antonio Police Chief William McManus condemned Brennan’s actions in a press release.

‘What that officer did that night was not against our training or policy,’ he said.

Social media users’ reactions to the incident

The McDonald’s shooting sparked outrage among social media users across the country. They see this as another example of endemic police atrocities.

One user said, ‘I was so embarrassed that I fired the policeman and charged this kid with a felony after admitting he was wrong.’

Someone else said, ‘This person could have been my grandson. It’s enough to stop. I am praying for Erik Cantù and his family because this should not have happened. This person shouldn’t be a cop. Don’t hand out guns and badges to these cops to kill our children.’

Thereafter, Brennand is reported to have been fired from the San Antonio Police Department for violating police training, procedures and tactics. It is still unclear whether he will be charged or not.


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