Polo G arrested in Miami in 2021

Miami authorities released footage of the arrest of Polo G last year.

The Chicago-born rapper has been charged with beatings by police, including resisting arrests with violence and criminal pranks.

Here’s everything you need to know.

The 2021 arrest video of Polo G has been released.

As you may know, Polo G was detained after a party for the release of her second studio album, The Goat, in June 2021.

Nevertheless, the charges were eventually dropped when the rap star finished her anger management class.

A recent body video is proof of why the rapper named Taurus Tremani Bartlet needed such a class.

One part of the clip shows a cop inside a police cruiser using his computer while Bartlett yells at him in the background. He says that the singer himself also wanted to become a police officer.

However, the police do not seem to be moved by his words and continue to work. Nevertheless, the two discuss in more detail the too realistic scenario of an officer who dies while on duty, leaving their children fatherless.

The video also sees Bartlett undergoing treatment while defending his case. The 23-year-old hip-hop singer claims that the police ‘passed’ him in the process of arresting him.

Police, on the other hand, claimed that the rapper was aggressive during the arrest.

Bartlett’s mother and manager, Stacia Mac, shared her son’s story on Facebook. She also claimed that the singer had profiled her racially at the time of the chaotic incident.

Polo G

‘None of these charges would have been possible if the police had not contacted my son Polo G!!! He wasn’t a driver.’

She also said, ‘He was a passenger in a professional licensed vehicle with security features. He was smart and moved right. What more could he have done?’

According to NBC Miami, Bartlett was released hours after being arrested on bail at the Turner Guilford Knight correctional center.

More about Polo G

Polo G rose to fame by releasing tracks like Finer Things in 2018 and Pop-Out with Lil Tjay in early 2019.

Additionally, he released his debut album, Die a Legend, on June 7, 2019. Records consisted of singles such as Through da Storm and Effortless.

Polo has released two more albums named after him: The Goat (2020) and Hall of Fame (2021). He also dropped the reissue version of his third record, Hall of Fame 2.0, that same year.



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