Poor puppy! Neil Patrick Harris Coos, Dog Spike’s Broken Toe

I wish you well! Neil Patrick Harris‘ Dog Spike was injured how i met your mother I hope the alum recovers easily.

“Spike broke his toe” a series of unfortunate events Star, 48, explained in an Instagram video on Friday, January 14. “He’s in a small cast for four weeks. sorry. I hope it doesn’t snow.”

In a social media video, Harris planted a series of kisses on the French Bulldog, exclaiming “You’re like French horns, French bulldog horns!”

Neil Patrick Harris scolds dog 'I'm sorry' for spike after broken toe

Neil Patrick Harris

Neil Patrick Harris/Instagram

He also captioned his post “Poor Spike..!” Spike sported a yellow cast with illustrated bones on his legs and feet. The cast was even signed by the actor’s twin children, who wrote sweet messages encouraging animals to feel better.

that much Matrix Resurrection star and his husband, David Bertka, shares twins Harper and Gideon. Both are 11. Their growing family has three dogs: Spike, Gidget and Ella. Burtka, 46, even paid tribute to her dog late last year when she picked up a Christmas present for her husband.

Harris shared “Great Gift of the Year: Our Dog’s Stuffed Doll Replica” via Instagram in December 2021. Swipe to see real faces. Swipe back and forth quickly for a chuckle… (Thanks @dbelicious for being so smart!)”

Spike and Gidget have been part of the Burtka-Harris herd for several years, but Ella was the latest puppy to join the family amid the coronavirus pandemic.

“Oh Santa, what did you do? On Christmas morning, @dbelicious and I saw Gideon and Harper open a box full of golden retriever puppies. Her name is Ella and she has almost taken over our lives.” The former child star announced the arrival of the puppy in an Instagram post in December 2020: “She is curious, clumsy and sublime. Except when she pees everywhere or gnaws at everything. Always. “I think it takes training, but first you have to go hugging. Thanks, Santa. You rule.”

With all three New York-based dogs in the family, we deliberately chose names with special meaning.

“Ella stands for David’s grandmother’s name, Eleanor,” Harris told PureWow in February 2021. “We tried to come up with a name that would be easy for dogs to understand. We already have a lot of tongue movements, gidget. We have a strong monosyllabic Spike and we wanted to make a feminine name that they would understand. So Eleanor said It’s good to be Ella, it’s easy to say.”

that much the girl who disappeared Starr went into more detail about the puppy’s training at the time. “David said this and I agree. Raising 3 dogs is much easier than having 2 dogs. Because they usually have extra playmates when they’re wild. The reason why the corners of the furniture are not shameful is that the furniture is gradually chewed and becomes non-existent. But we are slowly turning into chewing toys. We also stock up on floor cleaners because the dog pees right in front of you. Take this girl out and they’ll do it again right in front of you in 5 minutes. I don’t know if she’s learned it yet, but she’s too cute to scold her. I can’t be mad at this cute little angel dog.”

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