Preakness Stakes 2022: Kentucky Derby winner Rich Strike is out of the race.

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Just days after Rich Strike came from behind in the Kentucky Derby, owner Rick Dawson announced that the horses would not compete in the upcoming Preakness Stakes. If Rich Strike withdraws from Prekness on May 21st, their chances to make it to the Triple Crown are over.

In the derby, Rich Strike’s dazzling win over the midpack with an 80-1 win rate created a somewhat unexpected scenario. The horse had no name on the roster to enter the race 24 hours ago.

The choice to skip Preakness is made for the horse’s rest and recovery, Dawson said.

“Obviously, with our tremendous effort and victory in the derby, it is very tempting to change our course and run in the Preakness of Pimlico. It will be a great honor for all of our group.” Dawson said. “But after much discussion and deliberation with my trainer Eric Reed and a few others, we will keep the plan that what’s best for Ritchie is what’s best for our group, and will continue to run at Preakness and point to about 5 from Belmont. main.

“Thanks to the wonderful Preakness & Pimlico people who contacted us and thank you for the invitation.”

Rich Strike’s future plans will always depend on what happened in the Kentucky Derby. The original plan the trainers are sticking with is to provide the horses rest and recovery ahead of the Belmont Stakes on June 11th.

Rich Strike became the first Kentucky Derby winner to not play in Prekness since 2019. At the time, the country house did not participate after winning the derby after being disqualified by Maximum Security.

With Rich Strike skipping Preakness, Justify remains the latest horse to win a triple crown in 2018.

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