Premier League legend Livid after Robin Olsen assaulted by Manchester City fans

Premier League giants Gary Neville and Roy Keane have expressed their disgust over Manchester City fans’ assault on Aston Villa goalkeeper Robin Olsen.

City fans rushed through the pitch after the team’s 3-2 comeback victory over Villa in the Premier League.

However, the championship celebration was marred after a video came out of Villa goalkeeper Robin Olsen coping with multiple strikes and assaults while fans headed to the Etihad Stadium.

Sky Sports experts and former Manchester United legends Gary Neville and Roy Keane resented the ‘silly’ behavior in their post-match analysis.

“What’s going on?” asked Neville.

“In the last 30 years we have broken down the barriers of English football and 99 out of 100 times we respect the fact that fans don’t play on the pitch because they enjoy the family environment.

“Obviously a lot more children are coming to the game, a lot more women are coming to the game and all of a sudden in the last few weeks and months we have these idiots playing on the pitch as well as attacking players. . What are you doing?

“Playing on the pitch is definitely mind-boggling because City have won the league. So I understand, but attacking opponents on the pitch – where does this come from? Why is this happening? I have no idea. It’s so funny.”

Meanwhile, Roy Keane, who is known for his lack of speech, has absolute expectations from City fans, with fears that someone could be seriously injured if the recent developments continue.

“I’m embarrassed. Players and coaches will be seriously injured.”

“If you’re angry enough to come and hit a player, you’re angry enough to do stupid things like come and stab a player. Crazy things will happen. People have returned from covid and have forgotten how to act on their own.

“Fools, scum. It’s a disgrace. We’ve seen it twice with Forest and Patrick Vieira. Absolutely shameful.”

This is the third third incident in recent weeks when Crystal Palace manager Patrick Viera harassed and kicked an Everton fan and a Nottingham Forest fan slammed Sheffield United captain Billy Sharp in the head. .

Fortunately, Aston Villa confirmed Olsen was ‘completely in good health’ despite being hit in the back, and Manchester City issued their own statement on the incident.

“Manchester City sincerely apologize to Aston Villa goalkeeper Robin Olsen who was assaulted when fans entered the stadium after today’s end-of-game whistle,” the statement said.

“The club has launched an immediate investigation and, once confirmed, the person in charge will be subject to an indefinite stadium ban.”


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