Promoting Digital Immortality with Your Earth DAO

The cognitive revolution is caused by small changes in the DNA of Homo sapiens that give humans the ability to invent and create concepts such as religion, nation, and corporation. Then, in the future, algorithms and biotechnology will trigger the second cognitive revolution of mankind, completing the evolution of the species from Homo sapiens to God. – A brief history of the future of Jacques Attali

Digital space is another form of human society where people can visually interact with relatives and friends at any time in real space. The American drama ‘Upload’ showed a world in which humans achieve immortality by uploading all their memories and consciousness to a digital space. The digital person truly achieved immortality, as physical death had little effect on human social relationships.

The final stage of the metaverse should be infinitely close to reality. Current metaverses like Roblox, Decentraland, and Sandbox use voxels to model and make a huge difference in the visual experience. Your Earth DAO A metaverse that truly simulates the geographic layout of the Earth using 3D modeling.

Landing in New York at Your Earth Dao

Your Earth DAO (YED) is a new web service that runs underneath ACENT’s main network. YED aims to create an augmented parallel reality version of virtual reality where people can benefit from distributed technologies without the constraints of physical reality. They coined the term “metaweb” for this unique concept. Its emergence will enable people to publish and develop business and high-performance applications in a common earth-sized metaspace.

Your Earth DAO isn’t just a game, it’s a basic social infrastructure layer solution built to create jobs and alternative lifestyles across the board for influencers, business owners, content creators, or users for developing metaverse apps. company.

The platform has become a decentralized metaverse where humans can fully realize their potential without being bound by material or physiological constraints. By implementing an alternative decentralized economy and virtual reality, you can live in a transparent world, earn a living, and even create your own digital lives and stories.

Your Earth DAO is also committed to giving users the opportunity to create their own Web3 game characters with simple wearable diving that reads real body data. It also presents the concept of Live-to-Earn. L2E differs from earning after earning, which uses GPS to find and moving steps, or earning after earning, which relies on heart rate data. Instead, it adds a holistic metaverse ecosystem using the inclusive X elements of human life: contributing, creating, learning, writing, socializing, playing, and moving.

Acent injects infinity into the metaverse Your Earth DAO.

Your Earth DAO is an extension of ACENT’s own ecosystem. Acent is a Layer 2 solution based on the Ethereum network that led to the development of the Acent Blockchain Browser, the world’s first multi-chain web browser that natively extends the decentralized ecosystem web rendering capabilities on the local machine.

The Acent Browsers Desktop Application Interface enables developers to build immersive, high-end graphics games while developing games and platforms. In addition, Acent’s own Crypto Engine Interface, which handles cryptocurrency transactions in the ecosystem, aims to solve transaction delays, improve TPS and lower gas rates, making it easy for users to “immerse” in the world of blockchain.

So far, the existing metasom hasn’t offered a richer experience other than walking around and playing microgames, but ACENT aims to change that with the Your Earth DAO.

ACENT’s technical architecture allows third-party developers to publish powerful ACENT meta-applications using high-performance tools such as Unity and Unreal Engine), allowing anyone to develop, submit, and publish so-called “meta-applications” within Your Earth DAO. can. A meta-application is defined as a full-fledged application of the Your Earth DAO, such as an advanced game, a content delivery network (CDN), or a social media platform.

Acent also injects expression of limitless potential into the metaverse Your Earth Dao by:

  1. High-Performance Application Rendering: The ACENT blockchain is capable of rendering immersive, gamified web applications, redefining the web experience as we know it. Resource-intensive applications such as Triple-A games can be installed, run and synced with the blockchain thanks to the unique Acent Desktop Application Interface.
  2. 100% Compatibility with Decentralized Applications: This allows users and developers to bring Ethereum-based decentralized applications (dApps) into the Your Earth DAO metaverse. Users can create their own NFTs and deploy to the platform without any code changes to deploy decentralized applications to the Your Earth DAO metaverse.
  3. Low Ethereum gas fees: Nitro fees are relatively cheap in Layer 2 solutions, allowing users to freely enjoy value exchange between digital assets and NFTs.
  4. Fewer validators equals faster transactions. ACENT’s unique Proof of Stake (POSA) consensus mechanism requires only a small number of validators to validate the chain entering the block. As a result, not only will your transaction costs be lower, you will have one of the fastest Tier 2 solutions on the market.
  5. Reduced scalability issues: The ACENT blockchain can handle NFTs and crypto exchanges at a higher number of stable 400-500 TPS per second, much faster than the Ethereum chain, which averages only 17 TPS.
  6. Promote Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO): DAO is a Layer 2 feature of the ACENT blockchain technology that gives Your Earth DAO users the ability to vote on issues large and small that may affect or improve platform governance.
  7. Protect your NFT digital assets from hackers: There are three main reasons why systems are highly protected:
  • The ACENT mainnet is deployed on a highly available, high-performance network that includes financial authentication servers.
  • Layer 2 end-to-end service protection against distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks;
  • All web servers are secured with Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). In other words, it “uses cryptographic algorithms to harass data in transit and prevent hackers from reading data transmitted over your connection.”

Acent’s innovation and technology integration

yed 2

Acent constitutes the basic rules and production relationships of Your Earth DAO, from the incubation and release of the initial build to the incremental deployment of a decentralized governance system. This is the key to creating digital immortality for humans in the most transparent and powerful way so that best decision-making practices can be enforced.

It works from the bottom of the metaverse, injecting infinity into the world, making it programmable, open and cross-platform, making it more immersive for users than ever before.

Almost any business in the real world can replicate it in the Your Earth DAO virtual world. In the future, users will be able to utilize ACE to set up their own projects, conduct global corporate promotions and even grow their global business while attracting users from multiple countries on the metaverse. All of this is done utilizing the underlying ACENT blockchain service.

Here are some use cases for Acent blockchain services:

  • Incubate and build your own high-performance blockchain project ecosystem.
  • Engage in business transactions using Acent-based tokenization services (based on ARC-20).
  • It uses DAPPX as a launchpad and offers various event benefits.
  • Utilization of Acent Decentralized Exchange (DEX)
  • Buy and trade digital assets using the NFT marketplace.

Earth DAO also brings decentralized governance to the Acent community by empowering users to manage and create data feed rules, search engine algorithms, and vote to participate in future decisions through ACE.

Additionally, Your Earth DAO Live-To-Earn is designed to generate more traffic than a typical web3 project, and that traffic will inevitably become part of the Acent community driving the growth of ACE.

In addition to being an excellent blockchain project, Your Earth DAO is also trying several social welfare initiatives. Earth DAO can replace large corporations’ dominance of centralized products with a new organizational form of DAO using ACE cryptocurrency, which will provide equity of digital assets to everyone. These DAOs are created through decentralized collective wisdom and decision-making, as the concept of DAOs is already spreading across NFT and metaverse trends.

Metaverse’s DAO operation

Acent, the underlying technology provider for Your Earth DAO, aims to provide a high-performance, immersive virtual world platform with efficiency, security and compatibility with all other decentralized applications. Additionally, since the platform is compatible with other Ethereum-based applications, users and game developers can also let their creativity flow through the platform when developing or importing applications from the Your Earth DAO metaverse.

In addition, Accent plans to share all future advertising revenues with DAO members, and each activity of Your Earth DAO aims to increase trading volume on Acent’s main network.

The establishment of such an economic model can directly or indirectly benefit ACE holders and organically increase the value of ACE through the new sharing economy system. This is a new driving force and fundamental contributor to the continued operation of a sound DAO without a toxic addiction to undue benefits that traditionally depend heavily on the extraction and abuse of personal information.

The activities of Your Earth DAO are not separated from real life. Because it was the first to set the standard for the concept of ‘digital immortality’. They can be first movers sharing blueprints for the collective engagement of DAO members for the expansion of innovative Web3 products and services and the meta-narrative of memorable sightings.

For more information on Your Earth DAO, check out: official website.

Disclaimer: This is a paid post and should not be treated as news/advice.

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