Prudential has partnered with R/GA to promote comprehensive financial protection for diverse families.

Prudential has announced the launch of their latest campaign “Made for Every Family”. This campaign is the first to introduce different types of families and provide health and protection to all families, whether nuclear families, extended families, cohabiting or cohabiting families. adopt. Designed to showcase family diversity, Prudential teamed up with R/GA to create the world’s first family avatar known as Famvatar.

The “Made for Every Family” campaign was launched to show that every family is special and deserves an accessible insurance solution that meets their unique needs, regardless of composition. Through a series of stories, activities and resources, R/GA and Prudential celebrate the diversity of families and highlight the importance of family care initiatives and services Prudential must provide.

“With greater diversity and inclusivity than ever before, the world has changed the way families are made. Shingo Ohno, Creative Director at R/GA Singapore, said, “We are proud to partner with Prudential to transform the way the insurance industry can recognize, relate and meet the needs of these cultural advances.

Famvatar embodies the expression of any identity on digital platforms such as social media and chat.
apps and games. The exclusive digital platform allows users to create unique family avatars.
An expression that transforms into a sticker pack. The platform provides users with the ability to customize facial features, skin color and hair color, and allows users to choose clothing and accessories.

“Families are an integral part of our lives, and in fact families exist in many forms and sizes.
We’re breaking the “typical” family myth in this campaign. All families, regardless of composition, deserve equal care,” said Roana Brito, Strategy Director, R/GA Singapore.

“Prudential wants people to have easier access to insurance and to be more financially inclusive. Life insurance is the greatest proof of love you can give to your family and loved ones. We recognize that every family is unique and we believe that everyone deserves equal access to financial protection. Prudential is committed to meeting the lifestyles and needs of our customers by providing innovative, targeted solutions for different types of families,” said Ms Mabel Leung, Prudential’s Chief Brand and Strategic Marketing Officer.

The “Made for Every Family” campaign reflects R/GA’s ongoing commitment to “more human design”.

future” and our commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion within our company and communities.

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