Psaki lists her advice to successor Karine Jean-Pierre at the last White House briefing.

During her final briefing as part of the Biden administration, Jen Psaki offered some advice to her successor, the White House press secretary.

Psaki’s final days at the White House were eclipsed before starting as a host and analyst at MSNBC.

She will hand over to the first black and openly gay Deputy Secretary for Public Affairs, Karine Jean-Pierre, to assume this position.

And she warned her successor not to turn herself into a “one line meme”.

“Sometimes it can be repeated here. It’s not a criticism. You are all doing your job. But in the age of social media, you don’t want to be a one-line meme, so always provide context and all the details,” Psaki told her successor, who was watching.

“Otherwise, be yourself. As I said last week, Karine will bring her own magic and brilliance, her style to this briefing room and will always continue to create better things for me or anyone who follows Karine for the President and the Americans.”

The White House said Friday’s briefing was the 224th briefing Psaki had served in 16 months.

In her final speech, she thanked Joe and Jill Biden and her White House colleagues for the support she received.

“They’re incredibly tough, smart, hardworking, deep and deeply good humans,” Psaki said.

“People always ask me if Washington is rotten, everyone here is corrupt and nothing good has happened, and we’re all arguing with each other,” she said.

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“After doing this, I believe the opposite is true.”

She also thanked the White House press reporters for their work supporting the democratic process.

“You challenged me, you pushed me, you argued with me, and sometimes we disagreed. That is democracy in action,” he said.

“Government is not strong without accountability, without debate.”

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