Puma Recycles Manchester City Soccer Shirts In Latest Sustainability Pledge

With its recycling project Re:Jersey, Puma announced its latest sustainability commitment to recycling old soccer shoes to reduce waste and create a circular production model.

As part of the initiative, Manchester City players wore special jerseys against Watford in early May.

Matthias Bäumer, General Manager of BU Teamsport at Puma, said, “As part of our Forever Better sustainability strategy, we want to take on more responsibility at the end of the life of our products.

“With Re:Jersey, we are taking an important step towards recycling from apparel to apparel, which will help reduce waste in the future.”

Prior to the match, in the center circle of Etihad Stadium, the message ‘Eat, Sleep, Repeat the City – 100% Re:Jersey’ was engraved on a bright blue patchwork made from an already loved material.

Manchester City’s Sustainability Director Pete Bradshaw said: “Both Manchester City and Puma have made significant commitments to their respective sustainability agendas to ensure that social and environmental actions can make a real difference in the long term.

“With Re:Jersey, Puma is discovering new ways to make sporting goods more cyclical, and can be part of this journey of working to engage fans, community, people and partners, and actively working together for a better future. Proud to be here.”

The Re:Jersey pilot is part of Puma’s Circular Lab and Forever Better sustainability platform.

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