Putin could turn to ‘more drastic means’, including nuclear weapons, to win war in Ukraine

key point

  • The head of the National Intelligence Service said Putin would signal the imminent use of nuclear weapons.
  • Indications may include the additional scale of nuclear exercises involving intercontinental missiles.
  • Ukraine says war kills at least 26,000 Russian soldiers

A senior US intelligence official warned Tuesday that Russian President Vladimir Putin could use nuclear weapons in the Ukraine war if he feels Russia is losing the battle.

At the briefing, National Intelligence Director Avril Haynes said President Putin would take drastic measures to ensure Russia’s victory in the war, including enacting martial law and deploying nuclear weapons in the country.

“The current trend is for President Putin to shift to more drastic measures, including potentially escalating military action, to impose martial law, realign industrial production or secure the resources needed to achieve goals as the conflict continues,” Haines said. It increases your chances,” he said. told the senators at the briefing.

A senior National Intelligence Service official added that before Putin signals the Russian military to use nuclear weapons, the world will be warned that nuclear weapons are imminent. She said the signal could include an additional scale of nuclear training showing mobile intercontinental missiles and strategic submarines.

“He has a lot of work to do in the escalating situation before it gets to nuclear weapons, and it’s likely he’ll send out more signals than he’s ever done before he does,” Haines said. said.

The warning comes as the war approaches three months. After failing to capture the capital Kyiv at the beginning of the invasion, Russian forces are now turning their attention to eastern Ukraine.

Ukraine’s defense ministry said on Tuesday that there had been deaths believed to be Ukrainian soldiers. 26,000 Russians, 199 aircraft, 1,170 tanks, 1,980 vehicles and 519 artillery systems. The defense ministry also claimed that Ukrainian forces had killed at least a dozen Russian generals since the invasion began in late February.

Russian officials have not yet confirmed the number of generals killed in the war, but DEA chief Lieutenant-General Scott Berrier told the Senate Armed Services Committee on Tuesday that they believe it. “8 to 10” Russian general High-ranking officials have been killed in the Ukrainian civil war.

Russian President Vladimir Putin presides over a meeting with officials on forest fire suppression via video link in Moscow, Russia, on May 10, 2022. Sputnik/Mikhail Metzel/Pool via REUTERS Photo: Reuters/Sputnik

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