Putin said he had ‘serious conversations’ with the West after being told he had to “take all responsibility”.

  • President Vladimir Putin said he would hold “serious talks” with the West over the accusations on the economy.
  • Putin smiled when he heard that the West had hinted at “taking responsibility for everything.” Reuters.
  • Oil and food prices hit record highs since the outbreak of the Ukraine war.

Russian President Vladimir Putin joked on the 11th that he would discuss with the West the responsibility of the global economic crisis.

In a phone call with Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko in Sochi, Russia, Putin said the Russian economy had performed well despite Western sanctions. per Reuters.

The Russian ruble has rebounded in the past month after becoming the only ruble in Moscow. accept The currency to buy gas plunged to an all-time low of $150 in March and then surged to 57.5 against the US dollar on Monday.

“Economically, thank you very much. [the West] According to Reuters, Lukashenko told Putin during the televised meeting:

“What’s going on there is that they underestimated it by reading their media,” Lukashenko said. “They’ve had inflation, but the truth is, ‘Putin is responsible for everything’, ‘Putin is responsible for everything'” said

Reuters reported that Putin forced a smile and nodded his head at Lukashenko’s remarks.

Putin made Lukashenko laugh and said he had “serious conversations with them”.

The White House tried to lock Putin on a sharp inflation rate in the United States when President Joe Biden said: “Putin price hike” Injured an American family from a gas pump to oil.

Oil prices soar in March highest level since 2012 Meanwhile, world food prices All-time high in the same month At least a quarter of the world’s wheat and grain supply has been cut by the war in Ukraine.

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