Putin’s desperate army begs parents’ money to buy war equipment

According to a call blocked by Ukrainian intelligence, Russian fighters have begun begging their parents to send money to them so they can buy better protective gear than Russian President Vladimir Putin provided for the war in Ukraine.

One soldier’s mother asked, “How much do you need?” wiretapping phoneIt was shared this week by the Ukrainian Security Agency (SBU). “And what equipment…? And do you have to buy it with your own money?”

The soldier answered. “All we have now is terrible.”

The Russian government has been criticized in recent weeks for failing to provide its soldiers with adequate protective gear, despite preparing troops and equipment for months of war along the Ukrainian border. Just last month, the Russian army shared images of Russian and Ukrainian first aid kits side-by-side on social media and appealed for donations to the Russian military to show how well-prepared they are for war. .

The intercepted phone calls are just the most recent, indicating that the Russian army is starting to realize that Moscow has sent them to Ukraine.

Sanctions are increasing.

A senior US Department of Defense official said this week that Russian troops are demoralizing.

“We are still seeing anecdotal reports of low morale among officers who refuse to order and move and are not properly commanded and controlled from a commander’s point of view,” the official said in a phone call with reporters on Monday.

Another phone call between Russian fighters reported that soldiers began to call the Ukrainian village of Chornovyivka a “purgatory” for military equipment. SBU interception.

On the 78th day of the Ukrainian War, a lack of investment in Russian military protective equipment and a decline in morale began to appear. According to estimates shared by Ukrainian military staff, the Russians had already lost 26,650 men in the battle. thursday.

The Russians also lost 1195 tanks, 2873 armored vehicles, 534 artillery systems, 87 anti-aircraft systems, 199 aircraft, 161 helicopters and 13 military boats.

Some of Putin’s struggle to continue his war effort may also be linked to sanctions pressures from the United States and other countries.

A senior U.S. Department of Defense official pointed out that Russia is struggling to maintain its stock of precision-guided ammunition.

“The sanctions are undermining Russia’s ability to replenish its defense base stock,” the official told reporters.

But for Putin, his mistakes will not lead to morale and failure in the Ukraine war. Analysis by U.S. intelligence agencies suggests that his recovery will take a period of military service.

“Since the Russians stumbled here and suffered the losses they suffered, we believe they will traditionally retreat for a few years as they attempt to make up for these losses and replace all their equipment and equipment. Defense Intelligence Director Scott Barrier told lawmakers at a briefing this week.


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