Qando Rondo ‘safe’ after involvement in LA shooting

Qando Rondo is unharmed despite rumors of a recent shooting in Los Angeles.

Here’s everything you need to know.

Kwando Rondo’s club clarifies rumors

Quando Rondo, real name Tyquian Terrel Bowman, was involved in the August 19 shooting in Los Angeles, Georgia.

Soon after, rumors began to spread that he had been shot and wounded during the incident.

However, the rapper team recently released a statement explaining the ongoing rumors. They said Quando is doing well.

‘Kwan Do was involved in the shooting last night. [Friday] It put another young man’s life into an untimely death. He was not injured while filming and he is safe.’

Reportedly, Quando and his friends were at a local gas station when suddenly three men opened fire. The suspect drove a white vehicle and parked it next to Qando’s black Cadillac Escalade.

In addition, Kwan Do’s 23-year-old friend Lul Pab was also shot in the incident. He was later reported to have died despite being transported to the hospital.

A video was shared online after the shooting, showing Kwan Doe visibly angry during a conversation with police in West Hollywood.

In the clip, the 23-year-old rapper is seen swinging arms unprepared while talking to police at the scene.

Learn more about Quando Rondo’s controversy and legal issues

Qando Rondo went through a similar incident when he was targeted for shooting in May 2021. It happened at a local convenience store and luckily escaped before he was seriously injured.

Kwan Do rose to prominence in connection with the November 2020 murder of Wang von.

Von is said to have been shot outside the Monaco Hookah Lounge after a brawl between Rondo and a crew of Chicago rappers.

Von, along with two other victims, was rushed to the hospital in critical condition, but was injured several hours later.

In addition, two other people were also killed in this incident.

Meanwhile, Qando spoke with Angela in April 2021, claiming that he and his friends were acting in self-defense.

“I think these people were ordinary people,” he said.

Further, the rapper said, ‘That’s why I make this group come. The next thing you know is that ** hit me. boom bow. I’m not lying to you. It’s as if I had an out-of-body experience.’



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