Quad Security Bloc Commits to Tracking China’s Illegal Fishing in Western Pacific

Members of the Quadrilateral Security Dialogue, also known as the “Quad,” announced their plans on Tuesday: start Kyodo News reported that it is a maritime initiative aimed at eradicating illegal Chinese fishing in the western Pacific.

The leaders of each member state of the Quad (USA, India, Australia and Japan) met on May 24th for the latest Security Block Summit in Tokyo. area.

The agreement’s new initiatives include measures to help member states track illegal fishing and other illegal activities conducted by China in other countries’ territorial waters. Quad members issued a joint statement on Tuesday, calling off the maritime initiative in response to China’s measures hoped to curb “the militarization of conflicting terrain, the dangerous use of coast guard and maritime militia, and efforts to disrupt other countries’ activities to exploit marine resources.” through.

“Under the Indo-Pacific Partnership for Ocean Domain Awareness,” a US government official said, “Quad members are committed to providing a faster, broader and more accurate ocean picture of near real-time ocean activity in regional waters.” May 24 summit.

An aircraft carrier and warship participate in Phase 2 of the Malabar Maritime Exercise, a joint exercise of India, the United States, Japan and Australia in the Northern Arabian Sea on Tuesday, November 17, 2020. The four countries make up the Quadrilateral Security Dialogue, or quad. (Indian Navy via AP)

“There is a call for countries in the Pacific and elsewhere to improve their ability to know ‘what’s happening’ in their territorial waters and exclusive economic zones,” a US government official told reporters on Tuesday.

Beijing claims several disputed islands and territories across the marginal waters of the western Pacific. China regularly orders coast guards and fishermen to search for natural resources in the maritime territories of other countries in the region, including Japan. Japan filed an official diplomatic protest in Beijing on May 9 to protest China’s violation of Japanese sovereignty by a Chinese coast guard vessel the day before.

Japan’s Chief Cabinet Secretary Hirokazu Matsuno said: “It is very regrettable and intolerable that the Chinese Coast Guard entered the territorial waters surrounding the Senkaku Islands.” said journalists at the time.

“These actions are against international law in the first place. “We protested through diplomatic channels and strongly urged them to leave the territorial waters as soon as possible,” he said.

Chinese forces conducted a nearly week-long operation from May 2 to May 8 near Japan’s Ishigaki Island, about 105 miles south of Senkaku. Japanese Defense Minister Nobuo Kishi explanation The Chinese military exercise on May 10 was “the closest exercise to Japan so far.” Kishi said Chinese fighters and helicopters have performed “more than 100 takeoffs and landings” from the People’s Liberation Army Navy (PLAN) Liaoning aircraft carrier. It is part of a six-day operation less than 100 miles from Japan’s Ishigaki Island.

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