Quavo presents Takeoff with an icing chain on his birthday amid rumors of Migos breakup.

Despite Migos’ breakup rumors, the members have proven that they are still good friends.

Quavo recently gifted an icing chain to Takeoff for their 28th birthday.

Here’s everything you need to know.

Quavo presented the Takeoff chain as a birthday present.

Kirshnik Khari Ball, popularly known as Takeoff, turned 28 on June 18, 2022.

According to renowned jeweler Elliot Eliante, Takeoff’s uncle and fellow group member Quavo bought the ice to commemorate this milestone.

According to TMZ, each member of the hip-hop group now owns a matching custom chain. Reportedly, the chain has photos of all three Migos, with each member centered on their own neckpiece.

It was also mentioned that the 31-year-old rapper spent nearly $350,000 on Takeoff’s new chain. Quavo and Offset received jewelry for their birthdays last year.

Is this the end of Migos?

The expensive gift culminated in rumors that Migos may have broken up.

Offset and Quavo recently stopped following each other on Instagram, fueling rumors. Takeoff, on the other hand, continues to follow the two on social media platforms.

When a media outlet asked Huncho about the breakup allegations, he talked more about his upcoming collaboration with Takeoff.

Quavo and Takeoff will be releasing a new song called Hotel Lobby. They will be releasing as a duo under the names Unc and Phew, probably a reference to their family relationship.

A representative from the agency also claimed that the hip-hop trio are still together. He also mentioned that Migos had to cancel the Governors Ball show due to scheduling issues among the members.

Fans react to Migos breakup rumors

Naturally, many fans were devastated to learn that Migos was on the verge of collapse.

One netizen said, ‘The breakup of Migos is the saddest article I read this morning.’

The second fan added, “Megos farewell is not on the bingo card.”

Another netizen said, “The breakup of #MIGOS is really the end of an era, and it’s a pity that Atlanta is going through now.”

Another follower said, ‘Of course, Migos will break up at the appointed time. If one member is an offset, the other member must take off,’ he joked about the possibility of division.

Still, some fans suspect that the band is gearing up for a split with a promotional marketing stunt.

Moreover, Quavo’s gift of $350,000 to Takeoff may have cemented their suspicions further.



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