Queen Elizabeth II appears at flower show in her luxurious new Queenmobile

Queen Elizabeth arrived at the London Flower Show on Monday in a $78,000 golf buggy, complete with reclining leather seats and an onboard mini-fridge.

The Daily Beast understands that the Queen owned a luxurious four-seater vehicle that was likely to be named Queenmobile a few weeks ago. However, an afternoon visit to the world famous Chelsea Flower Show was our first official outing.

The Queen rejoiced as if crouching down in a more familiar Rolls-Royce, shining brightly in the front-facing passenger seat. She toured several exhibits by servants dressed in her clothes and never left her cart.

In the video, she covered her eyes from the afternoon sun, smiled and chatted with the exhibitors.

The Daily Beast reported exclusively that Queen Elizabeth was regularly in a wheelchair at her Windsor Castle home, but her office declined to confirm this, and it appeared that she had decided not to be photographed in her wheelchair. – A photo of my sister Margaret being photographed showed her looking shabby and weak in her wheelchair.

Rumors continued that the Queen had purchased a luxury electric golf cart made by Danish company Garia, featuring an onboard mini-fridge, tablet screen, Bluetooth music system and 14-inch alloy wheels.

The report was first written by a British tabloid. sun.

A source in the newspaper: “The floats are a new addition to the castle and I think all of them are a good idea… It definitely suits the Queen and I hope it helps her fulfill her engagement.

“Everyone wants her to go on to the public as long as possible. She’s sure the Queen will walk to the venue and she’ll be fine as usual, but she’s having a hard time right now.”

Although she was spotted in a golf buggy before in 2011 and 2013, Monday’s pimping appearance marks a defining moment when the Queen publicly embraced her age limit.

Now, many will be hoping the Queen will accept travel assistance on a regular basis so that she can attend many more events, including key moments in the upcoming Platinum Jubilee celebrations.

The queen is a supporter of the Royal Horticultural Society, which hosts the flower show, and the palace said the decision would be made at the last minute, but organizers hoped she would attend.

Su Bicks, director of the Royal Horticultural Society, previously told the BBC:

The 96-year-old queen has been in poor health in recent months, which the palace has described as a “temporary movement problem”.

But hopes that she will be healthy enough to attend the main event of the Jubilee celebration, which is set to start in 10 days, will be raised by Monday’s appearance and the fact that she made two more public appearances last week.


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