Queen Latifah returns to CoverGirl after a multi-year partnership that includes a new collection.

Queen Latifah is once again partnering with the brand CoverGirl, and her excitement knows no bounds. This is not the first case of Queen Latifah. But coming back to work with her same family is what makes her very happy. So, what can we expect from the new team-up of CoverGirl and Queen Latifah this time around?

Read ahead to learn more about Queen Latifah returning for CoverGirl.

Queen Latifah shares her excitement about working with CoverGirl again.

On her social media account, Queen Latifah shared the news of re-partnering with popular brand CoverGirl. Although her brand collection is not out yet. We said she’s happy to be working again with her CoverGirl family and her family. In fact, it’s not the first time CoverGirl has made her the face of her brand.

But it has been a while since she emerged as the face of a brand. Her brand work has defined the cosmetics line in a whole new way. In this way, the brand is setting the same spark again on her back. Meanwhile, her fans are already excited about her upcoming collection with CoverGirl.

Queen Latifah was the face of CoverGirl in 2001.

Queen Latifah’s first project, the CoverGirl brand, came out in 2001. Her next venture with her comes after 21 years. One of the best collections of her long partnership was the Queen collection. Her Queen collection, which has been leading the brand since 2001, is not to be missed.

To be specific, the Queen collection actually offered the brand’s cosmetic line to showcase products for darker skin tones. As such, her popular collections have actually done well on the market. But now it will be exciting to know what she has in store for all her fans.

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CoverGirl’s Response to Partnership with Queen Latifah

The brand announced its partnership with Queen Latifah on May 9th. The Chief Brand Officer of CoverGirl’s parent company said Latifah is a powerful voice for this generation. She says partnering her with her again is a thrilling experience.

The Chief Brand Officer said Latifah has helped the brand evolve to reach men and women of all skin types, skin colors and ages.

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