R. Kelly’s jury was exonerated after suffering a panic attack.

In R. Kelly’s child sexual abuse trial, the jury was replaced and acquitted after suffering a panic attack during the final pleading.

Here’s everything you need to know.

Jur R. Kelly had a panic attack in court.

On Monday, September 12, final hearings on R. Kelly’s second trial were held in Chicago’s Dirksen Federal Court, after nearly two years.

However, one in 12 jurors was reported to have had a panic attack during the trial. The jury was also exempted from participating in the session.

Moreover, Chicago Tribune journalist Jason Meissner reported that the jury was a white woman who appeared to be in her early 30s. He also revealed that she works in her public library.

He tweeted ‘R. One of Kelly’s jurors is having a panic attack and she doesn’t think she can go on, the judge says.’

In a follow-up message, Meisner said, ‘The judge is jury number 44 who works in the public library. A 7th judge has been selected. Leinenweber says, “Her my intention is to forgive her for her.”

Also he “[Judge] Leinenweber said the jury did not think she could “work another minute” and reported that waiting all night would not help. She will be replaced by jury number 83, a 60-year-old white male.’

Moreover, the report states that the woman had only heard headlines about the infamous Kruner and had never seen a series of documents about R. Kelly’s survival. However, the graphic content presented during her trial seems to have hit her hard.

Learn more about R. Kelly’s Child Sexual Abuse Trial

R. Kelly is facing the second sexual assault allegation in just over a year. He is already serving 30 years in prison after being convicted of federal blackmail and prostitution in New York City.

In the current trial, 55-year-old R&B singer A was charged with child pornography and obstruction of justice.

He is charged with intimidating and bribing witnesses to hide evidence related to a 2008 criminal trial on child pornography charges in Cook County.

The victim, who identified herself as Jane, also revealed last month that Kelly had had sex several times in Chicago before she turned 18. She also claimed that her singer filmed a covert video of her own when she was 14.


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